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5 Happy Hour Cocktails That Will Make Your Coworkers Say, “Chill, This Is a Business Lunch”

Happy hours are an opportunity to get to know your coworkers, network, schmooze with the bosses, and impress all of the above with your fashionable, yet fun, drink order! Here are five happy hour cocktail ideas that will make everyone at your business lunch think, “Wow, things must not be going well at home.”

Old fashioned – A classic drink for a classic event, an Old Fashioned is the perfect selection to get this party started! We know these are delish, but try not to drink it too fast. You’ve still got four more drinks coming!

Long Island Iced Tea – Now we’re talking! And, now your coworkers are talking, because your words are slurring and you just stumbled on the way to the bathroom. They’re probably saying things like, “Maybe it’s money. Could they be in debt? Or have a gambling problem?” Time to prove ‘em all wrong by stepping it up on your next drink order.

Bad Decision – You came up with this one yourself. It’s four parts top-shelf vodka and one part drinking it with the head of HR at the table. You made sure to shout this to everyone while doing four shots of bottom-shelf vodka.

Look, Just Get Me A Fuckin’ Shot, Okay – You came up with this spicy little number of the fly as you walked up to the bartender. He looks less than charmed. You should probably get some coffee.

Entire Bottle of Jameson – Bar cut you off? No worries! You bring a bottle of Ireland’s finest everywhere you go. Your coworkers will remember you forever as the life of the party and the reason your office can’t have parties anymore.