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5 Compliments Your Server Will Appreciate More Than an Actual Tip

The service industry is hard. Being a waiter or waitress means long crazy hours of physically demanding work and relying almost entirely on the kindness of strangers (by way of tips) to make a living. Here we’ve compiled the 5 best compliments or, “verbal tips,” you can give your server that will make them feel so great they won’t even notice you didn’t leave them a real, monetary tip.

You really made the meal!
A true classic. A server’s livelihood is made or broken by how they add to the guests dining experience. Sharing this complement with your server will make their night, until they realize you left exact change in the check presenter and send them into a panic about their overdue car payment. But aren’t goodwill and kind words more important than paying bills on time?

This can’t be an easy job but you make it look easy!
Who wouldn’t appreciate a great compliment like this more than a measly 18 to 20% of the bill? The empathy and gratitude shown by appreciating just how hard it is to be a server is much more important and meaningful than a couple bucks that at the end of the month that add up to pay your server’s rent.

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We’ll be back just because of you!
This tip will fill your server with pride and satisfaction; right till they see that slash through the tip line that reminds them that they shouldn’t have dropped out of community college. But let’s be honest, they shouldn’t have dropped out of community college!

We’ll be sure to sit with you again!
Stiffing your server after sharing this complement will fill them with immense fear and dread about the next time you walk through the door because it’s a guaranteed direct hit to their financial stability. But isn’t a smile and positive attitude better than a full fridge and full tank of gas? We think so, pay it forward!

Get a real job!
Listen, we’re all thinking it. Why not just say it?

If you have any other suggestions for verbal tips leave them in the comments below and remember, always address your server by name to build a false sense of camaraderie!

Article by Dan Luberto @TheDanLuberto