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Review: Meechy Darko “Gothic Luxury”

“Gothic Luxury” marks the solo debut release for rapper Meechy Darko, best known for his previous work with hip-hop trio Flatbush Zombies. It also marks the first time that any artist whose work I’m reviewing has responded to my request for an interview, which is a momentous occasion.

I rolled up to our scheduled meeting at a local cafe with a long list of questions for Mr. Darko, who, upon my arrival, was insistent that I call him Demetri. We made small talk for a few minutes, but I cut right to the fucking chase with my question–in keeping with the theme of his new album, what was his favorite piece of gothic literature?

He answered Dracula, which is stupid and obvious, frankly, and unfortunately, I had consumed so much coffee by that point that I was vibrating with weird energy and proceeded to berate him for his choice. I’m not wrong, dude. That would be like someone asking “who’s your favorite rapper” and replying with Kanye West. Or here’s a better and less dangerous example, saying your favorite baseball team is the Yankees. Shit’s boring.

Demetri then countered that I knew the name of the album was “Gothic Luxury” and not “Gothic Literary,” right? And okay, perhaps that was an oversight on my part, but his answer still sucked!

He then somewhat defensively asked what my favorite piece of gothic literature was since I’m such a smartass, aren’t I? I then cleared my throat and perfectly recited the opening paragraph of the classic “The Castle of Otranto.”

Demetri was pissed and said that me calling his choice of Dracula a “completely predictable and a poser move” was bullshit considering Otranto is considered the OG gothic novel, and even though I was also irritated, I could see where he was coming from.

Ah, fuck, actually, he’s totally right. It became brutally, abundantly clear that I had fucked this up beyond all repair, so after several minutes of stunned silence, I asked if he had ever seen the film “Donnie Darko.”

Demetri proceeded to punch me in the face and leave the interview, but not before paying for my coffee. That was nice of him.

Score: 0/1 successfully completed musician interviews for this website