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Review: Angels & Airwaves “Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal”

Every Sunday we head back into the archives to assess a record from punk’s rich history. Too often it seems, these reviews tend to focus on just the aural aspect of said music. Wanting to give a voice to another sense for once, this week we’ll be covering the taste of Angels and Airwaves’ 2012 debut EP Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal. Let’s get to it, ‘cause my mouth’s watering…for some tunes!

Shouldn’t be too hasty though; after an hour in the oven at 415 degrees, this album needs to cool. Burned my mouth a bit, but “The Score Evolved: Reel 1 (Diary)” has a robust, almost spicy kick that’s enhanced by the generous slathering of deli mustard I gave it. Really brings out the piano!

Luckily I broke veg a couple years ago, so crunching into “The Score Evolved: Reel 5 (New Blood)” was no problem at all. Fresh off the barbecue, you could still see the grill marks on it, baby. Just make sure to chew this song thoroughly, because those drums at the end could pose a choking hazard.

Now, by track three, you’re probably wondering “what’s a fella got to do to get a soup around this EP?” Well, you’re ol’ pal Chef Delonge anticipated that, and my compliments to him! “The Score Evolved: Reel 6” trickles down the throat like a thick New England Chowder, only he’s swapped out the clam…for a hearty “jam!”

All the “Love Two Re-Imagined” Remixes from the Surrender Remix through the Saturday Love remix are meant to be enjoyed tossed together in a big bowl with some balsamic and grated parmesan. The aftertaste is undeniably something special. These remixes will get stuck between your teeth, but with flavors this light and pleasant, who’s complaining?

As always, I’ve saved room for dessert, and I’m glad I did. Notes of cardamom intertwine expertly with a tart lemon that you feel on the back of your tongue all throughout the One Last Thing Remix. Ok, take that needle off the record, I’m stuffed!

All in all, a tasty treat of a recording! So what if the re-listen probably made me gain a few pounds!?

Score: 1 Star (I know it seems low, but keep in mind: it’s a Michelin one!)