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Review: 100 gecs “10,000 gecs”

There are few groups working currently as divisive as 100 gecs; hailed as either progressive geniuses or derided as irony-poisoned shitposters, their genre-defying sophomore release “10,000 gecs” will only further that critical gap. 

In order to best review this album, I felt I needed to really get into the gec headspace. Do a little method acting, if you will. Learn what it’s really like to be Laura Les and Dylan Brady. 

I started off with enacting the root of the 100 gecs brand, their namesake, a piece of band lore that is just insane enough to maybe work: buying literally 100 geckos from a pet store. These little guys cost me like, $800, and then I had to go get a bunch of tanks and fake rocks and shit to make them suitable homes. And a lot of live mealworms, which is weird and upsetting as a vegan. 

Once I got my new army of reptiles set up, which, for the record, took several weeks, I then sought out to purchase a replica of the iconic wizard costumes worn by Les and Brady during performances. The robe and hat also cost me $800, so now this review has put me $1600 in the hole and I’m really desperately trying to justify this as research on my reimbursement request. 

Now for the final part of my foray into inhabiting the gecs—the ritual. I clothed myself in their garb, surrounded by my geckos, and shotgunned three energy drinks for good measure before lighting the sacrificial incense. Crazily enough, hidden in the liner notes of this album is an incantation to summon the demons of hyperpop, and you can bet your ass I’m ready to do this.

Here goes nothing!