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For Closure Releases New Track “Careful What You Wish For”

LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure has released a new single “Careful What You Wish For” via Mindpower Records

For Closure is fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo, who is formerly the drummer of U.K. Subs, Dr. Know and The Freeze.

For Closure new single

Speaking about the new single via a press release (which you can check out here), Gizz stated: “”Careful What You Wish For” is a story about unrequited love. A story about someone who loves too deeply. A person who believes in true love but is lost in an ocean of love, and suddenly realizes that they’re not the only person in their lover’s eyes, life, and heart. It’s about going to your lover’s home to surprise them with a weekend getaway and seeing someone else there who’s known for their past as not a good person in their previous relationships.

“[It’s about] Someone who was told that that other person was just a friend, and then realized they were being lied to over and over again. It’s about wondering what to do – run or fight? In this story, the jilted lover decides to walk away but leaves a message behind. A message of Karma.”

For Closure Upcoming Shows:

6/29 >> SECRET SHOW << Las Vegas, NV
6/29 >> DOUBLE DOWN << Las Vegas, NV
7/13 >> Golden Bull << Oakland, CA
8/31 >> Pour House << Oceanside CA
9/21 >> Last Call << Tarzana, CA

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