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For Closure Release New Single via Mindpower Records

Music News: LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure has released a new single “No Condition” via Mindpower Records.

For Closure are fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo of Dr. Know, U.K. Subs and The Freeze, and the band’s debut LP will be released later this year.

For Closure drummer/producer Wal Rashidi discussed the new track with Earshot Media, saying “‘No Condition’ encapsulates much of what I love and seek in a song. And I can say this as someone who’s somewhat detached from it, as I didn’t have a hand in the songwriting, just the production.

“It is equal parts bold and expressive in its outro, counterbalanced with intimate and sparse in its verses. The arpeggiated, glassy guitar tones we dialled in are an imperfect nod to the 1980s new wave/post-punk watery riffs emanating from the Roland Jazz Chorus amps in videos we grew up watching on MTV (or listening to early KROQ hits). Gizz’s legato vocals, delicately draped over my thunderous toms, recall bands like The Icicle Works, though they also possess the muscle and motivation of Samiam’s Jason Beebout.”

Music News: For Closure New Single

You can check out the new single, with the tracks No Condition, Moon at Noon and Carousel right now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Soundcloud.

You can also listen to all of the tracks below via YouTube:

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