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Five Questions – Nick from Bloodstrings

Five Questions is a new series here on The Hard Times because I am lazy and will just ask the same 5 questions to people.

This time it is Nick from Bloodstrings, and they decided to answer my questions even though the questions themselves are largely stupid.

Five Questions to Nick from Bloodstrings

  • Who the hell are you and what the hell do you do? I am Nick, I play upright bass. We are BLOODSTRINGS from Germany and we fuck shit up for like 10 years now! We are a Punk-A-Billy band which means we combine punk rock with rockabilly elements, kind of like if Distillers had an upright bass!
  • What the hell is your favourite record and why the hell should we fucking care? There are too many records out there but to understand where we come from as a band it’s probably notable that we loved “And Out Come The Wolves” by Rancid and “Jade” by Pascow, equally.
  • You get to make a band including you playing your usual instrument, who the hell are you picking? I’d pick us, we make a great team.
  • What the hell is your favourite Hard Times article? Basically every article about aging punk rocks is pure gold! (We have a whole Aging Punks section sadly).
  • Where the hell can we find you online? Preferably on Instagram and YouTube!

You can check “Ich Hab’s Schonmal Gesagt” from the band below:

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