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FELDSPAR Release new single “Dead Friends Still Alive”

Italian rock band FELDSPAR has released “Dead Friends Still Alive” the second single and video off the band’s upcoming debut LP.

The video reveals the collaboration between Feldspar and Thru Collected, multi-talented musicians and artists who have released work through Bomba Dischi, the quintessential Italian indie label.

FELDSTAR new single

Commenting on the single via a press release, frontman Riccardo Zamurri says: “It was a great joy to work with the guys from Thru Collected. They perfectly captured the sense of physical loss but also the constant presence that a friend leaves around us when we grow up together and lose them forever.”

In terms of the track itself, “Dead Friends Still Alive” is an emotionally charged hardcore anthem. It seems like the perfect synthesis between a fight song by Agnostic Front and early At the Drive-In.

FELDSPAR’s debut LP will be coming out this fall via Time To Kill Records, and you can pre-order the 12″, CD Digipack and Cassette now here.

Check out the new single from the band here:

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