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CHASER Confirms The Name of Their Upcoming New Album

Music News: CHASER has confirmed the name of their upcoming new album, set to be released in June 2024.

The band confirmed via their Instagram account that the new release would be titled “Small Victories,” and would be coming out via SBAM Records, Thousand Island Records and Pee Records.

The punkers also revealed exactly why they decided to give the new full LP that name: “The album title, ‘Small Victories,’ holds a special meaning for us that we felt compelled to share with our listeners. In life, we are continuously presented with challenges, each to our own degree.

“Managing our personal struggles, we tend to beat ourselves up when the outcome is not as perfect as we envisioned. Instead, let’s learn to appreciate and revel in the small wins that occur on a daily basis. They each carry weight and over time, have the potential to add up to greatness!”

Music News: CHASER New Album Title

CHASER also revealed the background and meaning behind the new LP’s cover art: “The cover art was drawn by Sebas Theriault of Sterio Design.

“It depicts rough seas representing the everchanging highs and lows, and ebbs and flows of life. We’re all navigating these waters trying to weather the storm and reach stable ground.

“Through it all, just remember, we steer our own ship and we control our destiny. We’re not flawless, we’re only mortal, but we’re all in this together.”

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