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BITE THE HAND sign with Wiretap Records, prepare new album


Emotional Hardcore band BITE THE HAND have announced their signing with SoCal-based indie Wiretap Records.

The band will be releasing their upcoming album “Conned Out Of Life” later this summer. The announcement comes just weeks before the band prepares to release another song from that album, a track called “Smile Baby,” which is out on Wednesday, June 26th on Wiretap.

Ahead of the release, the band discussed the move to Wiretape in a press release: “When we went into writing ‘Conned out of Life’, everything just clicked for us. We all have so many ideas individually and it felt like everyone could bring their own personalities into the writing process and still have it shine cohesively.

BITE THE HAND talk new album

“This is us, a little weird, a little sad, definitely pissed off but totally here to make sure everyone is seen and represented. We will never compromise the integrity of who we are; a bunch of punks, hardcore kids, and elder emos putting our heart into our art.

“We want everyone to feel represented and seen on this record in the same way we make sure everyone feels seen at our shows. When we first met with Rob at Wiretap, we knew we had found a home for this record because he shares the same passion for pushing boundaries outward that we do (it’s incredibly apparent listening through the roster).

“It was important to us to find someone who shared the same DIY punk spirit as us but also celebrates the diversity of the genre across so many different subgenres to grow together. We are elated at the opportunity to partner up with Wiretap, especially on their ten year anniversary as a label, and we can’t wait for you all to hear ‘Conned Out of Life’ this summer when it drops.”

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