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Belvedere Frontman Steve Rawles Releasing His 2011 Debut LP ‘Bonus Room’ On Vinyl

Belvedere frontman Steve Rawles will be releasing his debut LP ‘Bonus Room’ from 2011 on Vinyl for the first time ever.

Steve Rawles is best known for being the frontman of legendary Canadian skatepunk bands Belvedere and This is a Standoff. His debut solo album ‘Bonus Room’ came out in 2011 with Steve supporting the release with multiple tours of Canada and Europe ever since.

Belvedere frontman releasing debut LP on vinyl

The album is only available on CD right now, but this will change on July 26th with the vinyl reissue of ‘Bonus Room’ on translucent blue vinyl, out on Thousand Islands Records and available via a crew of distributors in Europe, UK and Australia.

You can Pre-order the ‘Bonus Room’ vinyl here: and the tracklisting is as follows:


1 – Intro

2 – Burning This House Down

3 – Moving

4 – Semi-Pro

5 – She Doesn’t Mind

6 – Thinking Out

7 – When I’m Gone

8 – Sitting Next To You

9 – Climb

10 – Never Be The Same

11 – Anyways

12 – Let Go

13 – Nite Nite

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