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This Sweet Godsmack Sticker Under the Urinal Cake Might Come Off if I Give It a Good Yank

Determination is the key to success. Personally, I define success as achieving goals that require perseverance. I’m not one to go for low-hanging fruit. I prefer a challenge. So if I can focus, buckle down, and give it a good yank, I bet I can get this sweet Godsmack sticker off this urinal.

I know it’s gross but they’re my third favorite band. Sure they’re not as popular as when they first came out but they had some really solid tunes. “FML,” “Whatever,” “Voodoo,” and so many more! “I’m not the one who’s so far away…” from that sticker! Plus it’s a rare one too, which is why I’m going to remove it with my bare cuticles.

I don’t want to mess the colors up more than they already are. The original background was black though, not that dark brown-orange color. But just look at the flames, the thick racing stripes, and the tribal sun rays. That’s high art.

See the slightly peeled-up corner? I won’t have to shove my thumbnail too far under it and then I’ll give it a really good yank. Sometimes you get those cheap stickers that come off in a million pieces when you try to peel them off, but not this one. It looks strong. If I have to pull the sticker tight and painstakingly scrape the little glue off from between it and the porcelain then so be it.

That sticker does not belong on a urinal. It should be on my Jeep or vape pen or something, not stuck here looking at pee holes all day. Look at it standing proud while these drunk guys drain their veins all over it, never knowing that they’re emptying the tank on art.

Okay, I’m going for it. Can you hold my beer though? I don’t want to set it on the floor. There are some really disgusting people here tonight.