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There Won’t Be a Gatekeeping Power Structure as Long as I’m in Charge of This Scene

Local bands have always had to swim through the treacherous waters of small-town scene politics before getting their shot at performing in front of a larger audience, and this scene is no exception. This environment has proven more hostile than nurturing, with this “scene” being run by gatekeepers who use their microscopic amount of power to take advantage of aspiring artists. We need to take a stand and stop this once and for all. No more gatekeepers. No more abuse of power. And we can accomplish this, just as soon as I’m the one running the scene.

Once I’m in charge of every show and I manage every band, we will finally achieve the local scene utopia we all want. Need proof? Well, between the dozens of bands I’ve been kicked out of and the two festivals I produced at a loss, I clearly have more than enough experience to guide worthy local artists to the next level.

I’ll make sure there’s absolutely no gatekeeping in our community. I am above that kind of thing, unlike the rest of you commoners who are unworthy of my rightful spot in this scene. A spot that is high above the rest, preferably separated by a moat or a large wall of some kind.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard some criticisms about me from some of the more toxic people in our community. You must understand, these are simply spiteful verbal daggers of the desperate and the jealous. I tell you this with the intention of assuaging your worries. Rest assured, absolutely nobody in our local area is permitted to act out in any way I deem unacceptable, lest they be banished from playing in the area again.

With me in charge of this scene, I will kick out all of the gatekeepers. No longer will bands need a connection to them to get booked. Instead, you’ll just need to send me an email and hope that there’s something you have that I want in return.