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Opinion: You Guys Cool With Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Outro for This One?

Alright fellas, we are almost done writing this album! Super stoked on how it’s starting to come together. I don’t know about you guys but I can really see all the parts gelling into songs right in front of our eyes. I’m just about done with lyrics so once those are in we should be set!

Okay, so hear me out real quick, what if we throw in a curve ball? I’m thinking something that’s really gonna shake this album up and completely take the listener off their feet. What if the next song we write, we hit them with intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro? I made a quick outline to see how it plays.

This opening part is ideally just the riff from the verse section. Maybe we mix it up a little bit and throw in a bendy or some wah wahs. You guys know what I mean. Work your magic, instrumentalists!

Verse 1
This’ll be the potatoes of the song. This is when my lyrics will kick in. Looking at about 4 bars, rhyming scheme TBD. I’ve been doing a lot of A,B,A,B, so maybe for this one we’ll do A,B,C,B and really get loco to match the zany composition of this tune.

The meat of the song right here. We need a good hook. Something catchy, not kitschy. Also, what are your thoughts on backing vocals? I know none of you quite have my range, but every little bit helps.

Verse 2
Here we go with more of the same, right? Some bands even do almost the same exact lyrics as the first verse. Maybe change a word or two up so it’s different. I like this idea, but am open to other suggestions (completely new lyrics???). Either way, by now, we are money.

Chorus repeated. Maybe I go high on the last line for emphasis. Not trying to reinvent the wheel here.

Okay, so we have options here. We could do a tasty solo or another take on the verse riff. We could write an entirely NEW riff altogether if we wanna get nuts. You guys wanna get nuts?! Me either. This song is experimental enough as it is.

Wel well well, look who it is? Our old friend Mr. Chorus. This is the third time so we are really hammering home the point now, which is why it has to be so catchy. I believe in us.

Last decision to be made. Do we fade out the intro riff? Do we hard stop on a fourth chorus? Whatever we do, we want to make sure to leave them wanting more. I like the idea of doing things different this time since usually our music leaves them wanting less.

I think that should just about do it. We’re gonna make the most unique noise record ever!