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Opinion: There Are Too Many Posers Having Fun at Shows These Days

I’m a real one, bro. Been around since back in the fucking day. So when my little brother wanted to see Sum 41, I was happy to go with him and show him the ropes. As soon as I got there though, I had a frightening realization. There are so many posers at shows nowadays and, even worse, they’re all having fun!

Is it just me or are there more posers around than before? When did people start having fun and jumping off the stage? I swear to God people don’t know how to act anymore. I remember back in the old school you had barriers between the rocking crowd and the band. Nobody moved. You crossed your arms, bobbed your head, and gave the occasional devil horns when you simply couldn’t contain yourself.

The place was huge and there were no authority figures around to keep the posers in line so, like the DIY mother fucker I am, I took matters into my own hands and told on them to a security guiard. I mean, if y’all wanna rock in that manner then at least be safe about it. Unfortunately, the security guard was apparently a poser too, and told me “it’s a rock show, deal with it.” I have half a mind to report this to some sort of manager. The local “School of Rock” band opened the show. Maybe they have a principal I can talk to.

All I’m saying is if you’re gonna be a poser and you come to a show, the least you could do is not have fun.