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Opinion: That Take Will Sound Great Muted and Underneath My Version

Wow! What a great second guitar part. ‘GTR 2B’ will perfectly complement the rest of the mix on this song, especially once I mute it and re-record it myself.

It’s not that you did a poor job or anything- it’s just that there are opportunities for improvement.

Why are you upset? Okay how about you take off a little early? I’m gonna stay here and do a little more mixing. You’ll love it. I’m gonna run your guitar track through some different EQ, then I’ll run it through an outboard compressor to really crush that waveform, and then I’ll lower the volume level so it’s completely and totally inaudible. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

By the way, I totally understand the artistic element to playing out of time and hitting wrong notes, and not once tuning that stupid Squire guitar you insist on playing. I totally get it. It gives the recording character. And you know what? Said character will blend beautifully with MY guitar take, which is in time, in tune, doesn’t hit wrong notes, and is the appropriate instrument for the context. This song is gonna crush. We make a great team!

Alright man, you head out and have a great night! Oh, and don’t tell Dan but I’ll be replacing all his bass parts. Well, actually I guess I’m not technically replacing them since I never bothered to have him record them in the first place. I wonder where he thinks his bass parts come from.

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