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Opinion: If Propagandhi Hates America so Much Why Don’t They Just Move to Canada?

Who the fuck does this band ‘Propagandhi’ think they are? I just listened to their latest piece of anti-American garbage, Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes, and I am just SICK. The whole album is clearly taking shots at the greatest nation in the entire world, the United States of America! I’ll be blunt. If Propagandhi hates America so much they should just move to Canada!

Even the first song is anti-American. It’s called “Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An,” and I went to enough of 4th grade to know that probably isn’t English, the only language of America. They want me to “stick the fucking flag up my goddamn ass.” Well I just fucking might because I love this country! That’s right, I’m going to put the flag up my ass to own these cowardly liberals, and you’re damn right I’ll enjoy it. If it does go in too deep, it’s because I had the freedom to decide to do that but I’ll be careful since I haven’t got healthcare. I hope that Propagandhi will have fun in communist Canada as they pay for other people’s healthcare instead of going into debt while they pay their own goddamn medical bills, like REAL Americans.

Equally as despicable, they are all vegans. I had to look up what ‘vegan’ means and apparently it’s like a vegetarian except they don’t eat chicken or fish. I can’t think of anything less American than not eating beef or shoving a flag up your ass. I just might have a heart attack thinking of what their opinions on guns are. I bet they can’t even name all 13 of the amendments in the constitution.

Still, I believe everyone does have some good in them. These non-patriots do hate Ska, which is super American except for that one summer in 1997. But we were all whacked out on Capri Sun and too busy playing pogs to know what was what for three months so you can’t really blame us. However, everything else about them is repulsive garbage.

These colors don’t run but maybe it’s time that Propagandhi should run- TO CANADA!