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Opinion: I Would Boycott Amazon, but There Are Too Many Numbers on My Credit Card to Type Into a New Site

Between their labor abuses, monopolistic actions, and abysmal pandemic response, I would boycott Amazon. I really would. Unfortunately, the grim reality is Amazon has my credit card information saved and that’s far too many numbers to type into another site.

Some people have previously saved their credit card numbers in their browsers, which is simply not a privilege that I have at the moment. If I wanted to order a single ring light, I’d have to type in 16 credit card numbers right off the bat, then 4 digits for the expiration date, plus the little “826” on the back of the card, whatever that’s for. So of course I support Amazon. I mean, I don’t “support” Amazon, but what other choice do I have?

I care deeply about creating a fair world economy so I can see how it would come as a surprise that everything I order is from Amazon. Not than I need any more justification but not only is my credit card number not saved on my computer, it is also on my coffee table, entire feet across the room. And I finally just got, like, really comfortable.

I’m a really busy person. When I decide to buy something, I don’t have time to just get up, walk across the room, shuffle through my bag for my credit card, and fill in every single space on a new billing information page. If you have the capacity to take that journey, I applaud you, but you have to recognize that not everyone has the luxury of being able to convince themselves to get up and type in a bunch of numbers.

Besides, if I took the time to do that I’d probably decide I don’t even need a ring light after all.