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Opinion: I Still Like Killswitch Engage?!

As I finally finish putting my one-year-old son to bed, I retire to the porch to smoke tobacco from a long pipe. I ponder war, the economy, and other age-appropriate issues. I unlock my phone and shuffle the library I’ve been curating since the day I discovered the FLAC format.

Let’s see here. “Sunbather” by Deafheaven. Not in the mood. Skip.

Ex’s and Oh’s” by Atreyu. This makes me shudder. What did I ever like about this stuff? Next.

My Curse” – Killswitch Engage. Oh God. Haven’t heard this in years but I bet I can skip it. Whatever. Maybe I’ll skim this article about oil futures as this song plays in the background. “Crude futures rallied Monday to post their highest settlement in more than two months…” Interesting.

Fuck, is my head nodding to the beat? No, it must be the wind.

Pent-up demand and a historic production cutback is unleashing economic optimism (We’re longing!)

Woah, decent riff alert. Well played, KsE.

“CLN20 climbed 7.2% to finish the session (We’re yearning!)”

Wait, what the fuck? Do I STILL like Killswitch Engage? I’m an oilman and a father, for Christ’s sake.

“WTI has seen a rally as shorts in the market (We’re waiting!)”

Howard Jones, you angel of a man. Croon-screaming your way into my heart. Some say your singing sounds strained but I know it’s just how you show your passion. And that guitar tone! Crunchy like a fried pretzel covered in glass.

Fuck it, I fucking love this band! But why? WHY!? They’re commercial 00’s metalcore. Their most-played song is a Dio cover! Do I still like Lunchables? My mother’s breast milk? Shadows Fall? Have I just been pretending Misery Signals is better than The Switch even though Adam Dutkiewicz is to metalcore what Johannes Gutenberg was to the Protestant Reformation: EVERYTHING.

Oh, next song’s starting. “The End of Heartache.” This is my SHIT right here. “SEEEEK MAYYYY. CALLLL MAYYY. I’LL BE WAAAA-IIITTING.” Fuck, my kid’s up and crying. It’s okay, buddy! Daddy’s just working through some stuff!

Just because I discovered them through Guitar Hero 3 doesn’t mean they’re not quality musicians. That’s what I’ll say if anyone asks. People get nostalgia, right? I mean, it’s not like I stand behind any of their new shit off Atonement.

At least not the singles. Those deep cuts slap though.