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Opinion: All These Tables Need to Move Against That Wall

The world is changing and the local music scene is no different. People are bringing politics into everything, every band has opinions they’re cramming down our throats, and shows are more about the Instagram pics than the music. One thing remains constant however, and that’s the fact that all these tables gotta move up against that wall.

Right now. Get a move on! If your shitty band wants to play my limited capacity bar you’re gonna have to move them. NOW.

Punk music today is a fucking joke. Bunch of pansy SJW’s getting triggered over fucking nothing if ya ask me. People need to grow a thicker skin, buck up, and grab the other end of this table cause we gotta fold the legs in and stick it over there.

The kids gotta dance. That’ll never change. And to make that happen we gotta move ALL THIS SHIT here, to somewhere over there. So grab a corner, sweetheart, or back the fuck up and let the real men handle this. Wait, don’t back up! You were supposed to choose the first one.

God, I remember back when this scene started. Back in our day we knew how to mosh properly. We knew how to throw down with the hillbillies that came to kick our asses every night. And we knew for damn sure that all these fucking tables gotta go up against that fucking wall.

This goes for non-punk shows too. How many times have you walked into some hipster-ass cafe serving up pumpkin spice bullshit while some dumbwad strums away on an acoustic guitar without even having a decent amount of clear floor space for people to throw elbows? Do people at acoustic shows not mosh or something?! Seriously somebody tell me. I’ve never been to one.

Don’t sit there crying, saying, “Our merch is under there!” that’s just life. You can’t stand in the way of progress, especially when it’s carrying a six foot fold up table to the corner of this shithole so you can enjoy your precious little hardcore show. Like my dad always said, “I don’t care if it’s those tables or you, but somethings getting shoved against that wall.”