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Unhinged Paul McCartney Enters 9th Hour of ‘Na-Na’ Part In Hey Jude

CHICAGO — Unhinged rock legend Paul McCartney is continuing to lead concert goers in what is now the ninth consecutive hour of the “na-na” part in “Hey Jude,” exhausted sources report.

“When he started playing ‘Hey Jude,’ the crowd totally freaked out — one of the highlights of any McCartney show is the feeling of unity when the entire crowd sings ‘na-na’ in unison,” said concert-goer Sylvia Neville. “But that part started over eight hours ago. I think some people are getting a bit restless.”

Attending fans are reportedly concerned and irritated by the lengthy sing-along.

“I hope everything’s O.K. and all, but I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” said Evanston resident Wallace Redmond. “I mean, at the beginning of the singalong, he did a cute little thing where he asked ‘only the fellas to sing ‘na-na,’’ and then just the ladies. But by the time 5 a.m. rolled around, he asked for ‘anyone who’s ever ridden a roller coaster before…’ and it just kept going from there.”

“I mean, I love Macca, so I’ll still probably see this out,” he added. “But my knees are really starting to hurt, and I’m kind of worried about my dog. She hasn’t been out since 3 o’clock yesterday.”

Witnesses report Paul McCartney’s band slowly abandoned him as the night wore on. The majority of musicians allegedly left Wrigley Field by the second hour of the singalong, save for drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr., who held out until hour five.

“I have a really big fill that’s important to the song’s closing that I didn’t want to miss, but it eventually became clear that Paul’s in another world right now. I’m not about to interfere with that,” said Laboriel, Jr. “I just hope he snaps out of it before our buses leave for Madison at noon.”

At press time, show-goer Annie Chiu was overheard telling those she arrived with to “hold [their] horses,” suspecting that the Abbey Road medley was about to start “any minute now.”