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Radio Station Still Waiting for Any Calls to Win Trapt Tickets

WATERLOO, Iowa — The staff at KFMW Rock 108 have reportedly entered the third hour of waiting to receive a single call to win a pair of tickets to see the hard rock band Trapt as part of the station’s Summer Concert Series Contest.

“Alright, Cedar Rapids, we’re entering another ‘Headstrong’ rockblock… and just a reminder that we still have a pair of tickets to see Trapt at the McGrath Amphitheatre for that lucky fifth caller,” an increasingly concerned DJ Mike Wells announced. “And just to sweeten the pot, we’re going to throw in a couple passes to the KFMW after-party at the Westwood Plaza Buffalo Wild Wings, where the lucky caller and a guest will get to hang out with all your favorite KFMW personalities and the guys from Trapt themselves. You haven’t missed out yet, so please give us a ring.”

Much to the staff’s chagrin, the bonus items still haven’t spurred any interest, as the phone remains silent. Producer Amy Weston tried to offer guidance.

“I’ve been at the station for 10 years, and I can say with absolute certainty this has never happened before,” the veteran producer reported as she tried to segue into the next segment. “Occasionally, with older bands or one-hit wonders, we don’t get many calls… but usually someone will call in to make a request and we’ll just give the tickets to that person. In this case, it’s almost as if people are going out of their way to not call in.”

Weston claimed that, in the three hours since the contest began, the only calls received were a personal call for the receptionist and a call for the ad-sales team — all of whom politely declined the tickets. At this point, Weston seems likely to scrap the promotion.

“I’ve been waiting to call in for their ‘15 Seconds of Fame’ segment, but they keep dragging out this concert promotion,” said Rachel Hewitt as she listened from her car. “I only remember that one song, ‘Blurry,’ from when I was in high school. I’m sure they’re nice guys and all, but hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings with a nü-metal band isn’t really my idea of a prize.”

At press time, Wells thanked Trapt for stopping by the studio as they moved into a commercial.