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Pop-Punk Frontman Reunited with Girlfriend After Performing at 18+ Show

TULSA, Okla. — Saving Daylight frontman Jason Hill was successfully reunited with his girlfriend Kelsie Tanner late yesterday evening after the 18+ show she was prevented from entering had ended, multiple sources report.

“It’s honestly such bullshit that they base these things on some arbitrary number,” said the 27-year-old pop-punk vocalist who was held inside for upwards of three hours by the venue’s strict “no re-entry” policy during the age-restricted show. “If it were going by maturity level or whatever, she would’ve been allowed in there, no problem. She isn’t like other girls in this scene. She’s, like, real.”

Hill was trapped inside the venue amid the ordeal with only a full bar, a kitchen serving finger foods, several friends, and nearly two dozen women his own age with whom to converse.

“Listen — I don’t have anything against older girls. I’ve just personally never met one I connected with, that’s all,” Hill explained. “Besides, seems like it’d be kind of sexist or whatever to date someone only because they’re legally considered ‘adults.’ I don’t know, dude. I support all women, and I like to think of myself as sort of a mentor to them.”

Scene regulars confirmed Hill’s “creepy” relationships with several minors over the years.

“God, that guy is so fucking gross,” said Holly Schanz, who was in attendance. “He used to comment on my friend’s little sister’s Instagram like, every day, until she asked if he was someone’s dad… and he replied that she was ‘ass ugly anyway LOL.’ What grown man signs an insult ‘LOL?’ Fucking idiot.”

Showgoers were released around 10 p.m., at which point Hill immediately headed to a nearby Denny’s, where Tanner and several of her friends were eating french fries and drinking coffee.

“See, she’s fuckin’ cool. You just have to get to know her,” Hill said of his girlfriend, who was mere minutes away from missing her curfew. “I don’t know. You wouldn’t understand.”

At press time, Hill was overheard asking his girlfriend about “that guy she was talking to,” a 16-year-old busboy she knows from second-period math class.

Photo by Tom Gannon  @TheTomGannon.