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Opening Band Covers Headliner’s Entire Set

BETHPAGE, N.Y. — Hardcore quartet Breakpunch accidentally created a rift in the Long Island hardcore scene last night by inadvertently covering the entire set of local legends and headlining band Twice Shy.

“We wouldn’t be a band if Twice Shy didn’t exist. After we played our one original song a couple times, to no reaction whatsoever from the crowd, we jumped into a few covers,” said Breakpunch singer and guitarist Anthony Madden. “We pretty spontaneously were like, ‘Let’s just cover Twice Shy’s entire debut record In This Skin. We love it, the crowd loves it, it’ll be great!’ And it was! The crowd went insane! We crushed!”

Unfortunately, Twice Shy planned to play In This Skin in its entirety to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the record’s release.

“Our first record is held up as a classic of New York hardcore, and we wanted to give our fans a show they wouldn’t forget,” said bassist Cameron Warden. “The whole point of the show was to play the record straight through. But as we were loading in, we heard those twerps playing the entire thing before we even went up. What the hell are we supposed to do then? Since we hadn’t really practiced anything else, we decided to just play it anyway. The crowd did not seem thrilled… though to be honest, it still wasn’t even our worst show ever.”

While some audience members thought it was a planned stunt, and others were just confused, all agreed it was unpleasant.

“Look, I love Twice Shy, and their first record still slaps. But be real: I definitely don’t need to hear it twice in a row by two separate bands like that,” said audience member Erin Fink. “Once was enough. I would’ve rather gone home and gone to bed than sat through it again. Not to mention, I actually think those younger kids played it better than Twice Shy. At least the record is only like, 15 minutes total, so it wasn’t so bad.”

After the show, Breakpunch announced they will be doing a similar setlist throughout their upcoming tour — coincidentally scheduled for all the same venues as Twice Shy’s upcoming tour, but one day earlier.

Photo by Senny Mau.