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New Photos Reveal Jack Antonoff in the Studio With Big Mouth Billy Bass

BERGENFIELD, N.J. — Acclaimed producer Jack Antonoff was seen collaborating with animatronic singing sensation Big Mouth Billy Bass according to recent photos, sources confirmed.

“I met Billy while I was in Taylor Swift’s dad’s basement,” Antonoff explained from his studio. “I walked by Big Mouth, and he hit me with this incredible cover of ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy.’ I was completely taken by the compressed vocals. It really gave a 50 cent speaker from China kind of vibe. Billy’s also totally unafraid to repeat the same 30 seconds of a song over and over again. That’s a thing most artists shy away from that I think can be really powerful. I’m hoping with our new project, I can reach the last 3% of people on Earth that haven’t heard my music.”

The replica largemouth bass was happy to speak on working with his new partner just as someone walked by to trigger his motion sensor.

“Jack’s a great collaborator. He’s really been transforming my creative process,” Billy explained, mounted above Antonoff’s synth collection. “I think the main reason Jack and I work so well together is that he already uses a lot of weird old electronics bought off eBay to make his sound, so this isn’t much of a jump for him. He’s also been really good about changing my batteries. Some people get weird about that. I’m hoping if I play my cards right, I can get Jack to ask Lana Del Rey for a feature. No more being mounted next to that deer your uncle shot, or stored in a plastic bin in a garage. Soon, I’ll be mounted next to gold records!”

Despite Billy’s excitement, not everyone is looking forward to the new collaboration.

“I prefer Big Mouth’s earlier stuff,” said Hunter Finch, a longtime fan of the singing fish. “By earlier stuff, I mean ‘Take Me To The River.’ Billy shouldn’t be singing any other songs. It completely destroys his artistic integrity. Is working with the biggest stars on the planet not enough? He’s already conquered the pop and indie music scenes, now he has to conquer the novelty toy scene too? It doesn’t feel right. It seems Jack will work with just about anybody. I mean who’s next? The Chicks?”

At press time, new photos revealed Jack Antonoff stepping out to lunch with a five-foot-tall motion-activated dancing Santa.