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Millencolin Ready If Called Upon for Any Future Punk-O-Rama Releases

ÖREBRO, Sweden — Pop punk mainstays Millencolin reiterated their stance that they are ready to participate in any new editions of the defunct compilation series Punk-O-Rama, despite no indications of the collection’s return.

“Vinyl made a big comeback, and is breaking all kinds of sales records. But unfortunately, you don’t see many compilation albums on vinyl. They’re really a shitty CD thing. Though I will say, I’m even seeing people buying cassettes again, which makes me a touch hopeful,” said Millencolin guitarist Erik Ohlsson. “I guess it’s all cyclical, but how long do we have to wait for compact disc notalgia to kick in and they start making compilations like that again? I know the guys from Lagwagon, Pulley, and Ten Foot Pole all have one or two songs they are willing to throw away as well.”

Punk-O-Rama enthusiast and avid compilation collector Chet Talavera was only aware of the band’s existence through their inclusion in the series.

“I legitimately cannot believe there are nine full Millencolin studio albums. To be honest, I didn’t really know Millencolin had such an extensive back catalog. I figured they just called these guys up when the people that put together the compilations needed a 14th track on the album,” said Talavera while looking at the band’s Wikipedia entry. “All I know is, if I flip to the compilations section in my CD binder and pull out a random disc, there’s a good chance Millencolin will have a song on there.”

The band’s management is currently searching for alternative methods to gain exposure.

“I called the Punk-O-Rama people, and frankly there’s just not a lot of interest in bringing that series back right now. Something about CD sales dropping by about 100% over the last two decades,” said Millencolin manager Slick Bailey. “I’ve been racking my brain on an alternative way for us to cash in. Aren’t they making Tony Hawk games again? Or maybe those birthday cards that play music when you open them. Yeah, that could work.”

At press time, Millencolin made it known if push comes to shove, they’d be willing to appear on a lesser compilation series like Punk Goes Pop, but they draw the line at Punk Goes Crunk.