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Mark Mothersbaugh Busts Out Acoustic Keytar at Campfire Singalong

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. — Legendary Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh delighted dozens of acquaintances around a campfire after busting out his acoustic keytar to kick off a singalong, charmed sources confirmed.

“Well, it was the final night of the annual Mutato Muzika employee woodland retreat, we were all sitting around roasting potatoes, and I was feeling a bit wistful. So, luckily, I broke out my ol’ Alesis Acoust-Ex 300 so we could all have a big old-fashioned family singalong. Mostly deep cuts off ‘Oh, No! It’s Devo,’ starting with ‘Time Out For Fun’ which I felt was relevant to the occasion,” said Mothersbaugh, adjusting his famous eyeglass frames. “Yup, I never take a camping trip without my trusty acoustic…Oh, just make sure to be careful no one else mistakes it for a block of firewood.”

Participants in the singalong were visibly enthralled, though some became unsettled at what they were witnessing.

“Initially, I was having a blast. But then I began thinking more about the logistics of how an acoustic keytar is even physically possible. I started to comfort myself by saying it must work like an actual piano,” said Mutato engineer Vivienne Holiday. “But, then, how could it be making such electronic sounds? The damn thing had vocoder capabilities! Did Mark make it himself? Was NASA somehow involved? I’m not totally unconvinced I didn’t dream the whole thing at this point. After that retreat, I need a vacation.”

Senior Park Ranger Ollie Trythall elaborated on how Devo fans often fare in deep wilderness situations.

“Oh, you might be surprised, but Devotees tend to flourish out here in the great outdoors. You see, their yellow radiation suits are flame retardant, so if a forest fire flares up, they can waltz right through to safety,” observed Trythall. “Plus, whether it be a New Traditionalist pompadour or the classic energy dome, their headgear usually protects them from all manner of falling debris. From acorn to avalanche, it just bounces right off. On top of that, de-evolution theorizes humans are an unnatural species, responsible for the destruction of the planet, which makes the fans much more in tune with the forest’s so-called ‘lower’ life forms. Your average Spud has a hell of a lot more respect for a patch of moss than it does a nuclear family.”

After the singalong, Mothersbaugh reportedly donned his iconic Booji Boy mask, held a flashlight under it, and told horror stories about the record contracts they signed in the late ‘80s.