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King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Setlist Only Songs From Their Newest Six Albums

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Fans of the prolific psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard were disappointed after a recent concert to find that the band is only performing songs released in 2022, sources confirmed.

“I can’t believe they only played the new stuff tonight. I mean I love Gizz but I didn’t have seven free hours to listen to their most recent albums,” said fan Jake Mclean, while desperately liking the albums he didn’t know on Spotify. “It makes me feel like an idiot not knowing if it’s their stuff or if they’re covering another song about fighting a lava snake or some shit. I just wish they would play some of their old stuff from, like, 2021. Even a super retro throwback from the pandemic would be cool.”

Members of the band have felt the crowd’s disappointment starting to affect their positive attitude.

“We wish that we could play every song from our catalog, but who do we look like, Bruce Springsteen?” remarked frontman Stu Mackenzie while looking uncharacteristically pissed. “We wouldn’t have enough room in the tour bus to get half of the equipment we’d need in order to perform that stuff live. We simply cannot lug all our guitars, two drum sets, special two headed guitars, flutes just in case, a theremin, and then all of ‘Mild High Club’ for every show.”

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard historians are hard at work scouring their catalog for older songs for the band to play.

“This library contains every song ever created by the group. These hallowed halls go on for miles,” said Harold Alfred, the preeminent King Gizzard historian while blowing dust off of an old book. “Ah! Here is a track they can play, this is a relic called ‘Oddments.’ This is why we check the archives–fans of all ages, including elders in their 30s, deserve to hear the songs most important to them.”

A spokesperson from the band has come forward to let fans know that for the next tour, King Gizzard will only be playing material from their acoustic albums.