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IDLES Have Great Idea for Song After Watching Dog Eat Vomit in Front of Buckingham Palace

LONDON — British rock band IDLES are back in the studio working on a new single after being inspired by a dog eating vomit in front of Buckingham Palace, grossed-out sources report.

“We were on our way to the charity shop to find new mismatching outfits for a photo shoot, and decided to walk past the Palace. This woman was so overwhelmed that she got chunder all over the sidewalk, and this bloke’s dog ran over and started eating it,” said frontman Joe Talbot while grasping a microphone so intensely that his hand is shaking. “I thought to myself, wow, this is brilliant! It can be interpreted as nonsensical or symbolic, all while being comical, but kind of unpleasant to think about. Our fans are gonna love this one.”

Some music critics are questioning the band’s creative process.

“I’ve always appreciated IDLES’ witty takes on the state of British politics, and the general state of the world, but it feels like they’re grasping at low hanging fruit with this concept,” said local music blogger Lauren Piker. “And for a band that vehemently denies being a punk band, this sure seems like something a punk band would write about. I will say though, I could see them returning to the gritty, energetic sound of Brutalism with this one though, which would be exciting.”

Representatives of Buckingham Palace are not thrilled about the band’s plans to write about what they are calling a “PR nightmare.”

“On behalf of his majesty King Charles III and the Royal Family, we kindly ask the band known as IDLES to stay away from Buckingham Palace, and stop trying to besmirch the good public image of the Palace with this vile image,” said Buckingham Palace Representative Patrick Carp. “These hooligans have been staining the United Kingdom’s good name for years, and this latest stunt is particularly upsetting. Also, it is my personal opinion that CRAWLER was utter rubbish”

At press time, IDLES was busy arguing over which stale pop culture references from a decade ago they should include in their new song.