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H2O Shows Lyrical Growth With New Song About What It Was Like Being a Band In 1996

LOS ANGELES — New York hardcore band H2O surprised fans with their lyrical growth and maturity with a new song about what it was like for them to be a band in 1996, shocked sources confirmed.

“After the past 28 years of telling our story lyrically, we really wanted to explore new territory and write about something we’ve never talked about before — what it was like the second year we all played music together,” said lead vocalist Toby Morse. “This song really gets into what it’s like being now in your mid-20s and playing in a hardcore band at the start of the second Clinton administration and the invention of the internet. And now that we are all in our 50s in 2023, it seems like the right time for us to tell that story.”

Some die-hard fans of the band report that they are unsure about the new direction that H2O are going in, however.

“I don’t know, man. I just want to hear more about 1995 and being a brand-new band. I don’t like thinking about bands I really like getting older with members who are 24 years old,” said Charles Levingstone, 51. “Don’t get me wrong, I really like the new song and hearing about H2O going out on tour for the second time and the part about The New York Yankees just winning their 23rd World Series, but it just makes me think that time is going by fast and that someday I’m going to be 30, even though that day was over twenty years ago.”

YouTuber Finn McKenty, who creates videos for his channel “The Punk Rock MBA” says he is planning on doing a deep dive into the importance of the new H2O song and the year 1996.

“I really want to get into why this is such a milestone for the band but also how 1996 was such an important year for punk and hardcore because it was the year after 1995 which was also one the most important years, except of course for 1994,” said McKentry loudly. “This new H2O song just highlights how great the mid-90s were for music. It’s crazy how everything exciting that ever happened in hardcore coincidentally happened in a span of a couple years when I was young and just getting into it.”

At press time, Morse announced that the band was working on new material about what it was like in 2008 when they wrote their song “1995.”

Photo by George L. Koroneos.