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Group Chat Goes Silent After Man Shares Bandcamp Link

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — A recent posting of singer/songwriter Dan Sheen’s Bandcamp link has silenced his local friend group chat despite being requested, sources close to the thread indicate.

“I didn’t even bring it up. They asked about new music, I didn’t post, they specifically said post it, I still didn’t, but then they all collectively seemed to genuinely want it, so I posted the link,” Sheen began explaining while reopening the thread in case someone responded and his phone just didn’t alert him. “It’s been three weeks of silence. The only other silence this long was when I dropped the link to my last album. Do you think they have a subthread without me?”

Though she admitted to requesting the music, friend Anna Henning has stated Sheen should know better by now than to post his music in the group chat.

“He has dropped like 20 albums in the thread and we always ignore them all, why hasn’t he gotten it yet?” she stated while deleting the link from the thread so it wouldn’t clutter up the chat window. “We have a subthread that is the ‘fantasy football’ thread, but really it’s the ‘no one wants to comment after a Bandcamp link’ thread. We’ll all hide out in there for another week or so until this all dies down.”

The phenomenon of a group chat going dark is nothing new according to Bandcamp’s statistics.

“We monitor shared links and it seems about 98% of times a Bandcamp link is dropped into a group chat it will immediately kill all traffic in the thread,” added Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond. “In fact, statistically only .00000001% of Bandcamp links are ever even clicked on. Not sure what that means, I will need to further analyze.”

At press time, the group chat in question collectively stated the link wasn’t loading right, then messaged enough to send the link far enough up in the thread to be able to ignore it and move on.