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Friend’s New Band Undeniably a Group Of People Playing Instruments

CHICAGO Local electro-punk-ska band, 25/7, is undeniably a group of people using instruments on a stage, that’s for sure, tolerant showgoers reported.

“As I watched I was like, ‘OK, yeah, there are definitely six of them up there. And far be it from me to say they aren’t holding a variety of instruments,’” said frontman Rod Mulroney’s freshman year roommate, Olivia Pace. “We haven’t talked in years, but I saw him promoting the show on Instagram for two months and all of my other plans fell through, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And after seeing their performance I can confidently say that it was two hours long, and that is a fact.”

25/7’s drummer/harpist, Charlie Costa, has high hopes for the band’s future.

“We’re new, but I think we show a lot of promise. Right now our top song is ‘Hit the Bricks (But Don’t Bruise Your Hand While Doing So (Safety Is Really Important))’ and we’re all hoping that it’ll be what puts us on the map,” said Costa as she packed up the band’s sixteen amps. “After every show, friends come up to us and say things like, ‘You guys were up there!’ and, ‘They sold out of earplugs immediately!’ so I feel really good about where we are right now.”

Mulroney’s best friend, Dan Learner, explained that he wants the best for the band.

“I want them to know they have fans, so I make sure to stand up front at every show, which usually isn’t hard because there’s rarely more than three people on the floor,” said Learner. “Watching them be six people, all of whom are holding differently shaped pieces of plastic and sometimes metal or wood that a variety of sounds come out of, is pretty inspiring stuff. They were definitely here tonight, can’t argue with that.”

At press time, friends of the band were overheard describing the group as “really good people, honestly, just the nicest dudes.”