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Band Owes Manager 15% of Pizza

NEW YORK — Brooklyn-based indie band The Shudders are locked in dispute with David Dodson, their manager, after refusing to give him 15 percent of the pizza earned from Friday night’s show, an amount Dodson believes he is contractually obligated to collect.

“Yeah, the gig was in the back of a pizza parlor in Long Island City, and we did get paid a medium sausage pie… we didn’t think it was a big deal, but Dodson rolled up later that night demanding ‘his cut,’” said bassist Adam Waterloo, who added that Dodson was furious, screaming about a “botched deal.”

Witnesses report Dodson refused to leave the establishment until he collected his payment.

“It’s about setting a precedent. I don’t care if the band is only paid in pizza,” said Dodson. “The contract we have says 15 percent. Eight slices a pie, that’s 1.2 slices. I’m starving, I’m thirsty, and I worked hard. And they got free cola from the fountain, from which I am owed four sips.”

Dodson later added, “Bands think I work for free. You know how many bands wanted to play Sal’s Pizza in Long Island City that night? Neither do I, but we can assume someone else wanted 85 percent of a pizza on Friday night.”

The Shudders’ lead singer, Maya Hope, vehemently disagreed. “Number one, we paid for an RC Cola out of pocket, so I’m not playing that game. Number two, we definitely agreed that he’s owed 15 percent of pizzas 18” or larger; this was 14”. Otherwise, this dude gets everything,” she said. “What if my mom makes us a small pizza at home? Does he get 15 percent of that, too?”

Dodson took to social media to voice his outrage with his clients. “ABSOLUTELY I get 15% of your mom’s pizza,” Dodson said on Twitter. “And now, I want 15% of the breadsticks you got at Sal’s as well! #IDeserveThatSausage.”


Despite conflicting reports on whether extra sauce or ranch dressing came with the disputed entrée, Dodson claimed it’s likely. “You get a pizza and breadsticks, you always get some marinara. Don’t tell me they gave the band dry breadsticks,” he asserted. “Don’t tell me that.”

Sources close to both parties say band and management mutually decided to table the disagreement until after their gig on Saturday at a Dave and Buster’s in Montauk.

UPDATE: Dodson has since apologized, and asked if he can sleep in the band’s practice space.