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Aphex Twin Fires Up Password Generator After Finishing New EP

CORNWALL, U.K. – Renowned electronic musician Aphex Twin recently logged into his premium account to glean titles for the tracks on his upcoming EP, sources that meet up with Twin to circuit-bend old toys each month confirmed.

“It’s well worth the £12.50 I pay per month for this,” Aphex Twin enthused while writing down several 15-character-long strings of letters and numbers. “I sit back and let it rip. Hell, it just gave me ‘Fl0w$ers2369’ a moment ago. Maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue like ‘m6920.86_bpmedit,’ but I’ll take it all the same. All of my remaining creative energy is spent distorting my face in Photoshop for the album artwork, anyway.”

Director and frequent collaborator Chris Cunningham was excited to hear about Aphex Twin’s unorthodox methodology.

“Aphex Twin has been pushing the limits of music for nearly 40 years and he continues to find new ways to innovate with song titles that not a single person can remember, and uses at least one capital letter and special character. ‘Cock/Ver10,’ ‘s950tx16wasr10,’ ‘Peek824545201,’ those are all classics,” Cunningham explained as he skinned a rat for an art installation. “He sent me a new one the other day, ‘Mix492%avi_FINAL,’ to see about a video for a single. The beauty of it is that you never know if that’s the working title or the one he’ll use. Magic.”

Sophia Cygnet, a product manager at, was pleased to hear of the world-famous IDM pioneer using the service.

“Usually, only white-collar businesses ask their employees to use our site so they can take their cybersecurity up a level. It’s very rare that we get legitimate music stars emailing our customer service asking about any future software updates,” Cygnet explained. “I’m hoping Aphex gives us a shoutout in the liner notes for his new release. Fingers crossed he name drops us and my friends finally recognize how cool proper password management and generation can be instead of ragging on me for being a sellout.”

At press time, Aphex Twin was reportedly mumbling about “going back to the classics” by naming a track on the EP “password123456.”