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10 Current Hardcore Bands That Will Force You to Stop Saying “Hardcore Hasn’t Been Good Since 2003”

Being that hardcore is arguably the most argued-over genre, making this list seemed like a massive waste of time. We decided to make it anyway because we’re tired of seeing the same recycled Twitter discourse on pit etiquette and what is or isn’t straight edge, but also because this is an extremely exciting time for hardcore, with dozens of new bands bursting onto the scene. Here is our list of the 10 best current hardcore bands. Have fun fighting with strangers on the internet over it.


Whether you’ve been following Speed since their 2019 demo, or you learned about them from their viral video at Sound And Fury Fest that scared a bunch of conservatives, you know that Speed is one of the most exciting new bands on the scene. They also have an air horn in one of their songs, which sounds cheap and gimmicky but is actually extremely cool.


With the aesthetic of a middle school girl’s locker, you may not know that Scowl is a hardcore band at first glance; but between riffs made for knuckle-dragging and vocalist Kat Moss’ commanding stage presence, Scowl has even the toughest tough guys rocking flower-covered merch. You may be thinking to yourself “ But is Scowl still going to be a hardcore band a few years from now? Their most recent EP-” We don’t care. Shut up and stage dive.


While hardcore shows should always be a safe space, they should also kinda make you fear for your life a little bit. Spy has a sort of feral energy to them that will have even the 6 ‘4 dude in a Terror tank standing in the back with his hands out in front of him. There are a lot of bands from the Bay Area that you should be paying attention to, and if Spy isn’t one of them, start now.

Pain Of Truth

Being a “real” New York Hardcore band takes more than just being from the Empire State. You have to reference New York often, have enough friends to record gang vocals, and you have to get the guy in the pit-stained Agnostic Front shirt to respect you. Pain Of Truth ticks all those boxes and more. Pull your bandana over your eyes and dive into NO BLAME…JUST FACTS, because there’s nothing stronger than the pain of truth.

End It

When you hear the name “Baltimore,” you probably think of “The Wire,” or maybe The Orioles if you’re into baseball for whatever weird reason. What you should be thinking of is hardcore because, in their own words, Baltimore’s coming back with a bang; and End It are leading that comeback. Their single “21” also gets the official-unofficial Hard Times Anti-Cop Song of the Year Award for 2022.


We are willing to bet that you haven’t been to many shows where boogie boards are not only expected, they are encouraged. Well, surf’s up, because Drain is bringing a wave of California hardcore to even the most landlocked cities; and when they hit yours, trust us, you need to go. You’ll have fun, but no one has more fun at their shows than them. Don’t even bother trying to match frontman Sammy Ciaramitaro’s energy though, you can’t. The man is basically a can of Red Bull in shorts and tube socks.


You may be mad that Turnstile is on this list. You may not consider them a “real” hardcore band anymore. We don’t want to hear it. You’re still going to argue about it in the comments. The fact of the matter is, Turnstile rules, and their newfound stardom has only led to a new generation of hardcore kids discovering and supporting other bands. This is a good thing, regardless of what the crusty, chronically-online gatekeepers say.


We put Incendiary on this list because they’re without a doubt one of the best hardcore bands in the game right now, but also with the hope that they’ll see this so they get our message that we would appreciate it very much if they would, like, go on tour for a change.


While originally self-proclaimed, Gel has absolutely earned the title “hardcore for the freaks,” so if you’re not down with them, then you’re probably not very cool or fun to be around. With their distinguishable sound and relentless touring schedule, Gel is the most exciting thing to come out of New Jersey in, well, a really long time. They also one-upped Live Without by playing at a Sonic, which is an objectively better establishment than Denny’s.


Catchy sing-alongs, incredible mosh-ability, and riffs even your dad would like, Mindforce has it all. Masterfully blending the best elements of hardcore and thrash, Mindforce is a force to be reckoned with. If you get a chance to catch these guys live, make sure to wear your best track suit, and when vocalist Jay Peta inevitably tells the crowd he wants to see more kickboxing, you’d better oblige.