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“The Boondocks” Characters Ranked By How Into QAnon They Would Be

Over the course of the 2000s (it will be a cold day in Hell before I recognize 2014s Season 4 as official), “The Boondocks” provided a deep, fiercely critical look at life as an African American and the legacy of Black Oppression. Through the lens of the Woodcrest residents, audiences got an education on a variety of different socio-cultural issues facing the Black Community and America as a whole, from media literacy, to the Justice System’s unfair treatment of the non-white population, to even the Military-Industrial Complex, no stone was left unturned by this groundbreaking series, and that’s not to mention the kickass animation and how it brought anime into a distinctively American light, something American live-action has been trying to do in reverse since Netflix launched.

But a lot has changed since “The Boondocks” first aired back in 2005. The worst we could think of the right wing was George W. Bush being an incompetent (if memeable) asshat bending over backward to oil companies in the Iraq War. Since the first (and hopefully only) Donald Trump term, Right Wing radicalism has only increased, and even branched out into conspiracy theories from InfoWars to the truly batshit insane QAnon, which states that Donald Trump is actively fighting an Evil Cabal of Satanic, Cannibalistic Paedophiles in the Democratic Party. Given the wide variety of political views of the characters in this undeniably political cartoon, there’s no doubt that these characters would all have some type of opinion regarding QAnon, leading us to rank “The Boondocks” characters by how into QAnon they would be.

24. Thugnificent

A one-time member of the 1%, Thugnificent was allegedly even giving loans to Warren Buffet at one point. Once he lost his riches due to ludicrous levels of overspending, and he was able to successfully secure some level of financial stability and career with a reality show. While he may come off as air headed and bombastic at times, Thugnificent may just very well be the smartest on the show in terms of how the world works, prompting him to dismiss any conspiracy crap.

23. Top Hat Crackhead

Surprisingly intelligent and with enough critical thinking skill to not just spot fake crack, but also argue with the dealer to demand a refund. With this level of awareness, and despite suffering from the disease of addiction, this man could clearly spot the real “fake news” and potentially even provide credible sources to de-radicalize potential radicals on Reddit. But this man cares not for politics, instead spending his days in a crack-fueled daze and looking fly in that top hat.

22. A Pimp Named Slickback

Despite being a vile, sexist human being, A Pimp Named Slickback has his moments where he shows that he knows how to manipulate statistics to bring others to his way of thinking, even giving a youngster advice about looking into yourself for happiness instead of a partner (A turkey sandwich with only tomato on it, ABSOLUTELY). And as a high level executive in the sex trade, A Pimp Named Slickback (like A Tribe Called Quest, you have to say the whole name) knows who runs the show, and it definitely ain’t no satanic conspiracy, otherwise he would have heard word on the street, but the only word he’s heard of such a thing is clearly bullshit.

21. The Booty Warrior

He likes ya, and he wants ya. That is the modus operandi of this man. He has no concerns for politics, theories, or anything else that doesn’t involve a man’s butt. And even if he was more socially conscious, any type of direction would be unlikely due to his constant state of incarceration, and according to his twisted hierarchy of needs, going deep in booty is more important than dismantling the Deep State, and even eating food/drinking water or escaping prison for that matter.

20. Jack Flowers

Government Operative and Bauer spoof Jack Flowers would have known of any threat to national, international and even local. And if there ever was such a vile group of people, Jack would work his magic boot during an “enhanced interrogation” and would have a full confession, lawfully or otherwise. Not to say that he’s good, since he represents the abuses of power and violation of freedom during the Bush years, but even he has his limits.

19. Huey Freeman

Wise beyond his (and many people’s) years, Huey is always up for some political shit stirring, especially when it upsets the status quo. But this activism is deeply informed by Critical Race Theory, and we all know how much Republican lawmakers and educators hate anything that goes against their narrative, and while QAnon is supposedly “counter-cultural”, and Huey may be more radical, his thoughts are well-informed enough for him to filter out that nonsense.

18. Sergeant Gutter

Up-and-coming rap star Sergeant Gutter would have more media literacy than his predecessors, due to being raised a millennial and being tech-savvy enough to produce a viral video in the pre-TikTok age, he would actively be posting mocking videos of the haters on social media, possibly embarrassing them all into backing out of such nonsense.

17. The Hateocracy

More beings of pure spite than anything else, these three use every opportunity they can to cause chaos, mayhem, and misery for everyone around them, even being hateful to get involved in far-right politics, because they would see your average QAnon believer as the pathetic, scared and weak humans they are, and would doxx them to cause even more misery in their life. And they said direct action never solved any problems, HA!

16. Sweetest Taboo

Middle management in the sex trade requires someone of conviction, street smarts and ability to tolerate more bullshit from the bosses than your average office worker, Sweetest Taboo may not have book smarts but she sure has cred. Sweetest Taboo knows the workings of the game, and would know that her boss (A Pimp Named Slickback) has no ties to the Democrats, or any appetite for human flesh for that matter.

15. Sarah DuBois

Tom’s level-headed wife would quickly notice something was up during the pandemic when a gardening page she followed on Facebook was posting anti-vaccine nonsense, leading her down the rabbit hole and into other forums, but would stop full of radicalization due to her proven ability to spot bullshit, but she would still tolerate it to some degree, as we will see with her husband later on this list.

14. Jazmine DuBois

Jazmine is gullible and quick to give in to fear, as was demonstrated when her Father Tom was almost falsely arrested and sent to prison during a Terror Alert Orange. But thankfully, Jazmine has a loving family and smart, well-read friends and a good head on her shoulders which would keep her from going too deep down the rabbit hole despite her fears that the QAnon may be real.

13. Grandpa Robert Freeman

No one knows how old Grandad is, not even Grandad, and Robert Freeman will abide by just about anything that will benefit him personally, even at the expense of his own community members. Robert first heard about Q Anon thinking that it was tied to the 2010s “Anonymous” movement and that Pizzagate was something involving a lack of access to pizza in Black neighborhoods. He would be stopped short of full radicalization when Huey found out and unplugged his internet, leaving him only the TV to get his misinformation.

12. Riley Freeman

Impressionable but fiery Riley would at first be amused, then accepting of this type of conspiracy theory due to his lack of media literacy and common sense. But due to his strict “no snitching policy” Riley would quickly abandon the nonsense when he realized that Donald Trump would have been snitching, and go back to watching rap videos (or TikToks in the modern age).

11. Colonel H. Stinkmeaner

Blind, hateful and generally unpleasant, Stinkmeaner was a man and later ghost that was fueled by the gamut of negative human emotions. Stinkmeaner cares not for politics, and since he’s blind, would have difficulty using the internet, or computers for that matter. But due to his concentrated hate, Stinkmeaner would have no issues parroting some of the more problematic Trump supporter talking points and attending Trump Rallies in order to raise hell, and we know his spirit would happily inhabit any hate-fueled protest.

10. Tom DuBois

Spineless suck up with a unique prison phobia, Tom Dubois is a generally apolitical man at best, but would get easily sucked into the fear-mongering around a cabal of sex traffickers, who he would easily prosecute under an authoritarian regime, ironically sending them to the fate that he himself so desperately fears.

9. Gangstalicious

Closet homosexual rap superstar Gangstalicious would be making regular appearances on Joe Rogan to discuss the benefits of sunning your anus, reposting about what real men used to be like, and generally towing that awkward line between sane, rational Right Winger and Q-Cult hanger-on. He even once agreed to come with Tucker Carlson to meet Vladimir Putin, but backed out when he realized that Putin would not be riding a bear, leading this “Bear” to return to the less (and in some ways more) “Bear-able” US of A.

8. Grandmaster Bushido Brown

Kung Fu Master and professional mooch Bushido Brown is loyal to money, and nothing else. He may have a spiritual advisor on tap, but he is anything but spiritual, and will happily rip off middle-class people for his protection, but his preferred clientele are on the wealthy, sheltered side. Bushido Brown would have picked up on the QAnon theory through a cottagecore page linked by his “spiritual advisor” and he would happily defend J6 witnesses on the podium from “threats” and would have protected business owners during the Black Lives Matter protests.

7. Ed Wuncler I

The generationally wealthy owner of multiple industries, Ed the First would contribute to Donald Trump’s Campaign, and sit on the board of the Heritage Project (authors of the “should be reserved for Horror Movie Terrifying” Project 2025). He would also regularly re-tweet Elon Musk, especially when it’s some thinly veiled “replacement’ tweet, right when there is a new “Business Venture” started out by this venture capitalist. Ed wouldn’t believe a word of QAnon Personally though, and he of all people knows how much the American Capitalist Class depends on the flow of undocumented migrants for lower labor costs.

6. Wedgie Rudlin

A Harvard Graduate who is an expert in propaganda, with a burning hatred for quality programming, instead pushing mind-numbing, thought-destroying TV shows, Wedgie Rudlin would give a face of legitimacy to the conspiracy movement. And that’s without all of his appearances as the American correspondent on RT (Russia Today), using that Ivy League education to legitimize and peddle far-right nonsense to further indoctrinate his audience, did we mention he went to Harvard?

5. Gin Rummy

Iraq war vet and best friend to Ed the Third. Unfortunately, Gin is also very bad at thinking for himself, and was radicalized by the 4chan posts of the original “Q”, and despite Huey’s attempts to talk Gin out of the daze, Mr. Rummy claimed that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, since there was no proof that there’s not a cabal, leading him to become a noted presence on Telegram, with his account posting more and more ignorance, even gaslighting his own audience with faulty rhetoric.

4. Deborah Leevil

Peddler of ignorance and evil via BET in this universe, Deborah would find the mix of ignorance and pure EEEVVVIIIILLL to be a prime opportunity to market lowbrow entertainment to the viewers of her network. She even commissioned a Dave Chapelle special right after he released his controversial Netflix special. When accused of transphobia, Deborah claimed to have a Trans friend, but this “friend” was simply a man she castrated and kept in a cage in the corner for her own entertainment.

3. Uncle Ruckus

“Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus (no relation)” is a man of immense internalised racism mixed with raw ignorance of his situation, and even though he does sometimes have insights, they are informed by white, hetero-normative narratives, and Ruckus would looovvvvee Donald Trump’s mix of whiteness and success so much, that he would believe anything that comes out of his mouth including (and especially) hate filled nonsense, especially when it has to do with protecting white children from the evils of the Democrats, who he also considers mortal enemies of the American Way of life.

2. Jimmy Rebel

Truly one of the most vile characters on the show who even wore a red baseball cap before its current connotations, racist country singer Jimmy Rebel would be at home on InfoWars, the Intellectual Dark Web and any Proud Boys rally. He was even spotted performing along Michael Graves on the Hill on January 6th, performing a duet of Rebel’s most infamous hit, which we won’t name because frankly, it is too disgusting to be promoting, and as anyone progressive, we shouldn’t openly promote music, artists or individuals so full of hate.

1. Ed Wuncler III

Equal parts white privilege, stupidity, unpredictability, and with PTSD from “Operation: Enduring Freedom,” Ed the Third is a prime candidate for far-right radicalization if there ever was one. There is no doubt as to this dude’s whereabouts on January 6th, 2021, and with his stockpile of weapons at the ready to fire at anyone, Ed the Third is a ticking time bomb standing back and standing by to await orders should there ever be another uprising in the States, even at points believing the Wuncler Family to be in on the jig, killing his entire family, and worse, causing the value of Wuncler Industries to collapse on wall street, leading the rest of his family to disown him.