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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week That Are Probably Too Woke For Noel Gallagher

Well, it’s been another terrifying week but you’ve made it through with your heart, brain, and most of your fingers intact. Oh, we almost forgot about your ears. If the ringing has stopped from your neighbor’s marathon fireworks show, you’ll probably want to warm them back up with some new tunes. We’ve got just the thing for you. Here are six new songs to help ease your physical and metaphysical woes.

The Voidz ‘Overture’

For the first time in nearly six years, The Voidz are releasing a new album entitled ‘Like All Before You.’ In contrast to the vibe of the album title and in typical Voidz fashion, the lead single ‘Overture’ is an ominous and brooding synth instrumental that definitely isn’t making us scared for the full album at all. It’s hard to say how much more we’ll get to hear before the whole thing drops, but we’re drafting our wills now just in case.

Honeyglaze ‘Cold Caller’

Someone on the internet recently said we don’t listen to enough UK bands. First off, we don’t care what that person thinks of us. Secondly, it really bothers us that they said that. Especially when considering how hyped we are Honeyglaze’s new LP. The latest single, ‘Cold Caller,’ is a dizzying indie ode to feeling so lonely that you’d willingly chat with telemarketers or, in our case, that jerk in our comment section.

Show Me the Body ‘It Burns’

It wasn’t the holiday that made us slow to respond to your emails. We just blacked out for a full 48 hours after hearing Show Me the Body’s new single ‘It Burns.’ Good god, it’s heavy. Maybe learn from our mistakes and make sure you are in a spot with a lot of padding before the synth bass drops in. It’s a doozy and dangerously close to brown-noting you out of your favorite pair of jorts.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die ‘Kersed (Ceremony Cover)’

We’ll have to make this brief since the band name has taken up nearly half of our allotted word count, but holy fucking shit, TWIABP’s cover of Ceremony’s ‘Kersed’ is a thing of beauty. While a hardcore bent has never not been inferred within even the softest of TWIABP’s sonic output, it really is something to hear it laid out so blatantly and with such vigor. The old adage is true, even sad boys know how to open up that pit.

Los Campesinos! ‘kms’

It’s been three years shy of a decade since indie-pop legends Los Campesinos! released a record, and they are set to end that silent streak in just a few weeks with a new album, ‘All Hell.’ The final lead single ‘kms’ features keyboardist Kim Paisey taking the majority of the lead vocal duties, adding a soft touch to the suburban-emo malaise. It’s the kind of track that will inspire multiple entries in the diary you refuse to admit you have.

Mechanical Canine ‘Mechanical Canine Saves Emo’

You’re right to look at this song title with suspicion, but the Philly based DIY punks known as Mechanical Canine might actually do it. The lead single from their forthcoming third LP, ‘To My Chagrin,’ is a total fucking blast. It’s an earworm track that demands repeat listens – especially if you want to drown in that beautiful outro on the bandcamp version. Thanks for being the emo saviors that no one asked for but totally needed, Mechanical Canine.

We know six songs isn’t enough to fill the void, so we’ve compiled these and probably too many more into a massive and disorienting playlist. Click here to like, follow, and never be left alone with your thoughts again.