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Every Cake Album Ranked Worst To Best

Whether you discovered Sacramento, California’s Cake on MTV2 in the grunge, swing, ska and nu-metal-laden ‘90s or on tour with screamo sensation Ben Folds in the late 2010s, we can all agree that you discovered them. The band sounds like no ONE, and we mean no ONE; that may sound like an insult but it is far from it. Over the course of the band’s thirty-plus-year career, they really don’t have too many full-length studio albums, just six, proving that quantity is far more important than quality. Still, we attempted to rank all six from worst to you’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down, and if you go the distance, you can read each and every word, children and Capricorns. It’s coming down, and she’ll come back to me; it’s all coming back to me now.

6. Showroom of Compassion (2011)

What’s new is always bad and what’s bad is always new… this adage can be applied to your grubby klezmer band named after your cousin’s trapper keeper, but it cannot and should not refer to Cake’s sixth/latest LP as of now known as “Showroom of Compassion.” You want passion, it’s always in fashion! Anyway, Cake’s discography may have some meh songs but the band doesn’t have a bad album; no no no. And, in the Easter egg to end all Easter eggs, the final track on “Showroom of Compassion,” the simply and elegantly named “Italian Guy” clocks in at, wait for it, three minutes and eleven seconds. For the plebs in the room, that’s freaking 311! That number inspired more teen pregnancies than it should have but also didn’t. In closing, this is Cake’s lone independent release because they’re independent men.

Play it again: “Long Time”
Skip it: “What’s Now Is Now”

5. Pressure Chief (2004)

2004 was an incredible year for the world in both politics and music: GW “Nepo Baby Of Babies” Bush became our nation’s vice dictator for the second of two terms, which proved Relient K’s 2004 blockbuster “American Idiot” title track correctly in spades for all Moses’ in Urban Spaces. Dick Cheney may want a word with you, me, and everyone we know. Cake’s fifth album “Pressure Chief” was also released that year of all things years, but other Cornerstone acts sadly superseded it. Still, Cake has a high caloric amount of super fans, all of which are prescribed Ozempic, and “Pressure Chief” won one or more for the Gipper! The band’s last major label release, and literal conglomerate LP to hit stores (remember those?) altogether debuted at an impressive seventeen on the Billboard 200, proving that the Sacramento icons had many in the palm of their hands.

Play it again: “Wheels”
Skip it: “She’ll Hang the Baskets”

4. Motorcade of Generosity (1994)

Rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle up so close: 1994 was the true year that punk rock broke through the mainstream with such blockbuster bands as The Offspring, Green Day, Rancid, and Anal Cunt getting a flurry of radio acclaim. In addition, incredible movies like “Pulp Fiction,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Citizen Kane” were also released said supernatural year. It’s interesting to note, and we use the word “interesting” to describe an ugly painting, that Cake started their full-length studio album career in the nineteen ninety four with an album that was “interesting” in an interesting way. Yeah. Fun fact: This album was recorded at a place called Pus Cavern. Yeah part 2. Anyway, ardent supporters of desserts, sweets, and vegemite may scoff at this “low” rating, but that’s show business, baby!

Play it again: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle”
Skip it: “I Bombed Korea”

3. Comfort Eagle (2001)

Cake’s fourth album is their best album from this century BY FAR and not just because of a short jacket and long skirt, but because the songs are consistent quality-wise, making this LP the first to be mentioned here with nearly zero filler; shadow stab us if you disagree, we will still LOATHE you madly. Deservedly, this album went gold, which during this century is a huge accomplishment, and contains their best song title, albeit not best song, in “Meanwhile, Rick James…”. Speaking of colored awards, single #1 from “Comfort Eagle,” “Shirt Skirt, Long Jacket” went platinum and we ain’t mad about it; nay nay nay. If you have the chance, watch its music video even if you’ve seen it before.

Play it again: “Short Skirt / Long Jacket”
Skip it: “Commissioning a Symphony in C”

2. Prolonging the Magic (1998)

Cake’s third album altogether/last of three ‘90s efforts, contains one of their biggest, if not biggest hit single, at least chart wise, “Never There”; you are never ever there and we are never ever sorry. Also, we posit the supreme and earth-shattering opinion that this album’s opener, “Satan Is My Motor,” is not only the band’s finest opening track (sorry, Nancy Sinatra), but also the best song in their vastly superior sonic catalog; hear our motor caaaall. “You Turn The Screws” is almost as good, and “Sheep Go To Heaven” is the most haunting and gorgeous portrayal of livestock this side of the Mississippi. Back to “Never There”: Its opening line truly sucks you in from the start and the badass riffery/horn lines keep ya guessing/stressing. You may be more of a McNugget than a Copperfield, but this album is for everyone!

Play it again: “Satan Is My Motor”
Skip it: “Cool Blue Reason”

1. Fashion Nugget (1996)

The only “no skip” release of Cake’s career, which is likely your gateway drug to this band, whether you tools are willing to admit it or not, “Fashion Nugget” is an all killer no filler of a sophomore LP, and wins the gold here, whilst Frank Sinatra sings “stormy weather” sans Daniels. The world wasn’t prepared for a mainstream assault of spoken word musings with a trumpet sans upstrokes, but the band was thinking of someone for whom the world still burns, and created a studio album worth surviving for; to quote Kurt Angle, “It’s true! It’s true!” We may get hate for this, but “Fashion Nugget” also contains perhaps, perhaps, perhaps the best lineup of Cake of their career, and that’s all we have to say about that, except it isn’t. In conclusion, friend is a four letter word and we can’t spell and/or speak English good.

Play it again: Frank to waltzes
Skip it: Tank to balding