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12 Hidden Easter Eggs In Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a show shrouded in many mysteries. Many moments have secret meanings that often go overlooked. That’s why we compiled a list of the 12 craziest Easter Eggs from the groundbreaking show.

That Gum You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style

The Man From Another Place saying “That gum you like is going to come back in style” is a reference to Cooper’s favorite coffee flavor, Pumpkin Spice being back on the seasonal menu. It is very subtle, but the audience can notice Cooper actually never drinks coffee. Instead, he chews it and spits it like some sort of hot liquid bubblegum.

Mr. C

Evil Dale Cooper’s overall look confirms the decades long rumor that Agent Cooper was originally supposed to be played by Glenn Danzig.


Garmonbozia, a sustenance of some spirits and synonymous with “pain and sorrow,” is made to resemble creamed corn as a way of David Lynch telling us that there is no greater hell than an elementary school cafeteria.

Lawrence Jacoby

When Lawrence Jacoby is on screen it’s an indication for the audience to put on their 3-D glasses.


119 is a reference to the infamous CalArts classroom where many animators for Twin Peaks lost their virginity.

Phillip Jefferies

Despite many claims about the third season, David Bowie was not recast as a tea kettle. He merely showed up to the set refusing to take off the Tea Kettle costume he was wearing. An exasperated Mark Frost eventually gave up and let him wear it to the shoot.

Agent Cooper’s Tape Recorder

The cassette tape in the recorder Agent Cooper repeatedly talked in was not a blank cassette but rather the cassette to “I’m the Baby Gotta Love Me” by Baby Sinclair of the show “Dinosaurs.” One of the many references “Twin Peaks” made to Jim Henson’s work.

The Black Lodge

The iconic Black Lodge was designed to look just like the green room at Hollywood’s famed Improv comedy club. Rumor has it Lynch slept there one night after getting into a physical altercation with comedian David Brenner.

This Is The Water And This Is The Well

“This is the water and this is the well” is originally a line from the Twin Peaks Nick Jr. spinoff in which a cartoon Agent Cooper teaches children what a well is and how you can drink from one.

One Eyed Jacks

The Brothel/Casino owned by Benjamin Honre is called One Eyed Jacks. Nadine Hurley also has one eye. Does This Mean Anything? Are we reaching too much for this one?


The Black Lodge entity Slimer is based on Mark Frost’s and David Lynch’s deceased friend John Belushi.