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11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Eat That Edible You Had Twenty Minutes Ago

It’s a glorious day at the beach! The sun is out and everyone is having fun. Here’s why you shouldn’t have had those gummies your friend offered.

You Shouldn’t Trust That Guy On Dosages

He said it wasn’t very strong but doesn’t he smoke like an ounce a day? Also, do you even know what a big dose is? Since when were you an expert?

It’s Never Worked Out Before

Last time you took edibles you ran out a building because you didn’t like the vibes and passed out on a bus stop bench. The time before that you got so paranoid you threw up. You probably shouldn’t eat any. Wait, you already ate them? Uh oh.

Something Is Off

Right? The air is a little weird. Or is it the beach? The people? Why is it so hard to think straight thoughts suddenly? Ah shiiiiiiit.

People Are Talking To You

Words coming out of mouths? Dammit. You hear them but can’t interpret what they mean. What the hell does “Where’s the bathroom” mean? Do you know these people?

Are You Being Weird Right Now?

They’re looking at you funny. Say something. Make sure it is words. Don’t walk away don’t walk away don’t walk away. Make eye contact.

You Walked Away

Eyes are weird now you free now.

You’re Too Far From Home

Safety of familiarity gone. Where the hell are you?

Don’t Fall Asleep Don’t Fall Asleep

Bed far away why can’t sleep there. Maybe find nice bus stop.

Somebody Is Depending On You For Something But You Can’t Remember What

Right? Probably? You can’t let go now. What if you’re supposed to drive your friend to the cake store? You gotta be letting someone down somewhere.

You’re Going To Be Like This Forever

Did you take an edible? Maybe you didn’t and your brain just damage. Maybe edible started damage. Maybe it will be better if you tell that stranger what’s happening.

Thoughts Going Away Now


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