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10 Famous Cartoon Characters Based on Green Day

Green Day is one of the most successful bands that have ever been sort of punk adjacent, but did you know they inspired a whole bunch of classic cartoons? Check out these unforgettable animated features inspired by the band:

Top Cat

While many people think the 1960s cartoon Top Cat was based on the Sgt. Bilko character from The Phil Silvers show, it was actually inspired by Green Day’s origins as a group of streetwise cats who were transformed into human musicians by a witch’s curse.

The Misfits

The rival band to Jem and the Holograms, this one was a no-brainer once Hasbro realized how much Billie Joe Armstrong was ripping off the actual Misfit’s stage presence.

Cool McCool

Drummer Tré Cool actually came up with the idea for this suave, trench-coated detective who always wins and is loved by everyone and is allowed to write songs, and no one had the energy to ask if he was feeling okay.

McGruff the Crime Dog

This classic narc character originated from their “sell-out” period.


If you look closely, you can see that the vacant, soulless eyes of Gorillas singer 2-D are a dead ringer for Billie Joe Armstrong circa Revolution Radio.

Chip N’ Dale

While it’s clear Billie Joe Armstrong is the level-headed leader Chip and the goofy Dale is bassist Mike Dirnt, did you know none of the Rescue Rangers are based on Tré Cool?

Dexter Holland

The lead singer of the Offspring is actually a composite character reflecting all the worst traits of the members of Green Day.


Despite popular belief, this drum-playing shark was not inspired by Tré Cool, but by “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” which can be clearly seen in the episode where Jabberjaw commits suicide.

American Idiot Kidz

This bubbly, lighthearted group of cartoon youngsters who expose the atrocities of American foreign policy in weekly episodes was inspired by the Iraq War!


Billie Joe Armstrong hates Mondays! And that idiot Odie.