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10 Phoebe Bridgers Songs You Can Mention to Impress Your Hinge Date

Dating can be tough. Do you ever find yourself wondering how to be less of a dweeb and feel more hip around prospective partners? You’ve come to the right place. Unless you have abysmal taste in music or have been living under a rock for the past six years, we’re sure you’ve heard of the universally acclaimed indie-rock angel, Phoebe Bridgers. We’ve scoured her excellent solo works, side projects, and one-off covers to present a list of songs that are sure to help you stay relevant and seem cool when you finally meet up with your latest Hinge match.

Disclaimer: If you’re only reading this article for tips on how to get laid, please refer to our upcoming podcast: “The Hard Times Guide to Fucking Your Way Through Tinder.” Hinge dates are more about feeling seen.

“That Funny Feeling”

We’re no gossip hounds here, but rumor has it that Bridgers and comedian Bo Burnham just might be friends IRL. If your date seems to be the type that likes to dish that hot goss about two strangers minding their own business in steamy settings like public airports, be sure to work this fantastic Burnham cover into your conversation.

“Scott Street”

If you happen to be a drummer and somehow find yourself with enough spare time or charm to date anybody, you already have the perfect excuse to spring this one. Thanks to lines like “you said ‘it’s too much shit to carry’,” you’ll be provided with the opportunity to mention your Phoebe phandom as well as your questionable instrument choice. You might be thinking that you’ll lose points by bringing up one of her most popular songs, but esoteric doesn’t always equal intriguing. Chances are, your date will love the fact that you aren’t too cool for one of Bridgers’ top five tracks on Spotify.

“Me & My Dog”

boygenius is the first and only project that granted Bridgers the opportunity to work with equally talented songwriters. Having the knowledge of this supergroup is not only mandatory for your eardrums, but is essential to mention if you don’t want your date to think you’re a total fucking dud. Bringing this song up will almost certainly lead to a conversation about how much of a total piece of shit singer/songwriter Ryan Adams is. If you fancy yourself a fan of his and start feeling the ick, politely excuse yourself from the table and go fuck yourself, because that’s the only action you’re going to get from this rendezvous and possibly for the rest of your miserable, lonely life.

“Didn’t Know What I Was In For”

Back in 2019, before the world went to shit and you still knew how to make eye contact and talk to humans properly, Bridgers and folk-rock icon Conor Oberst surprised audiences with Better Oblivion Community Center. A dual effort that displayed both artists’ best skills and even made Oberst sound like he was a good singer for once in his life. The opening track to their eponymous debut features several signature Bridgers motifs and is sure to exude an attractive “they listen to other music too” quality. We know what you’re thinking, though: “What if my date asks: ‘isn’t Conor Oberst kind of a dick?’” We’re not sure if he is, and the pair seem to be on amazing terms, but we’ve got you covered.

“Moon Song”

This track has long been rumored to have painted a rather unflattering portrait of previous bandmate Oberst, which must be a bit awkward for him having contributed backing vocals and co-writes for the album on which it is featured. We’re not here to churn the mill on that topic. If your date happens to be, though, you’re sure to unlock hours upon hours of decrypting the allegedly coded lyrics on this one. Just be sure not to let the conversation go off the rails into your ill-informed defense of John Lennon or Eric Clapton.

“Emily, I’m Sorry”

You certainly won’t be sorry for bringing up this absolutely heart-destroying lead single from the latest boygenius album. Name-dropping this one not only shows you aren’t afraid of feeling your feels (people on Hinge eat that shit up), but also that you stay up on current trends. It’s a great aura to emanate as there is no bigger turn-off than being anywhere but in the present moment.


We’ve given you a lot of the hits here, but you’re worried your date is going to think you’ve just skimmed a few tracks for conversation pieces. Breathe. You’ve got this. Nothing gives off that sexy “I’ve listened to ‘Stranger In The Alps’ all the way through” vibe quite like uttering the name of this tucked-away sleeper hit. Go ahead king, queen, or anywhere in between. Show your illustrious studied side and let your date know you might be the one.

“Friday I’m In Love”

Hopefully, you don’t make the fatal mistake of telling your date you love them after the two of you have only just met, but if you do, don’t sweat it. It’s been a lonely couple of years and you’re trying your best. When your date recoils at what you hopefully just muttered under your breath, save the day by explaining you were just asking their opinion of Bridgers’ excellent cover of the Cure classic “Friday I’m In Love.” It’s a track that makes Robert Smith’s songwriting sound likable, and it just may help you avoid total disaster.


We’re sure we’re not the first to say it: Confidence is sexy as fuck. You can’t go wrong by claiming you relate to a song in which the first line says “I’m not afraid of anything at all.” Phew, did it just get hot in here or is it you? Bonus points if you can work in how you tear up anytime you hear the line about talking to your houseplants. Unbridled sexuality is nothing if not paired with a strong, yet gentle, nurturing side.

“Motion Sickness”

You be asking yourself, “What if my date is also lame and has no clue what the fuck I’m rambling about?” That’s totally fine. Your date is definitely familiar with this TikTok anthem at the very least. Use this one to throw them a bone if the vibe starts getting rocky. They’ll be fascinated upon learning that the song features two verses and a bridge in addition to the chorus they certainly already know the words to.