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White Woman on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ Uses Phone-a-Friend to Call 911

LOS ANGELES — Game show contestant Karen Graham used her “phone-a-friend” lifeline to call local police on the $500 question during a taping of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” members of the production staff confirmed.

“Hello? 911? I have 30 seconds to tell you that this African American game show host is threatening my life with his intense line of questioning,” Graham said after being asked ‘Which United States president was in power for the duration of the American Civil War?’ “He keeps yelling. I think he might be on drugs. This whole television show — this whole audience — needs to be arrested right now! I’m being attacked!”

Production of the episode, guest hosted by Idris Elba, was halted when uniformed police officers stormed the set using a modified tank and shut down the production.

“It’s always a shame when someone loses on the first question, but this one was especially upsetting, because two officers pulled guns on me and told me I was going to jail for a long time,” said Elba. “Thank god I was filming the whole incident on my cell phone, as well as seven $250,000 cameras, or else I would have no proof that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Members of the Los Angeles police department conducted a brief investigation and ultimately left without making any arrests.

“When we got the call that there was an out of control black man attacking a white woman we suited up in riot gear, grabbed as many guns as we could, and hauled ass over to that studio,” said lieutenant Mark Hopkins. “We were extremely disappointed to find out that this was just a false alarm. We hate leaving without making any arrests, we even tried to plant drugs on a few of the crew members, but it didn’t work out.”

“But at the end of the day I’m glad we were able to help that young woman feel safe! As an officer of the law, that’s all I ever want to do,” he added. “Now get the fuck back and against the wall.”

At press time, a GoFundMe profile was created entitled “Get Karen Graham The $1,000,000 Owed To Her” that had already surpassed $3 million after being featured on a Fox News segment.