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We Caught Up With These Winners from MTV’s Next To See What They Spent their 50 Bucks On

The powers that be have decided it’s time for even more Aughts nostalgia, that magical time of Ed Hardy shirts, butt rock, and Paris Hilton. While most people aged 18-25 were participants in their fair share of these decidedly cringe-worthy trends, a very unique group of horny attention-seekers were willing to give up their dignity in exchange for 15 minutes of fame by appearing on the MTV dating show “Next.” We caught up with a few of the winners who took the money instead of the second date to see what they spent their $50 on.

“Everyone likes to laugh about me being the one that fell down the stairs of the bus, but what they don’t know is that I really messed up my back pretty badly and still require physical therapy to this day. So, I guess I probably spent it on pills or something?”




“This was 2005 so I’m thinking either a Von Dutch hat or one of those ‘Jesus is My Homeboy’ shirts.”






“Back then pretty much any money I had coming in went directly to pay my debt to Columbia House.12 CDs for a penny my ass.”




“What they didn’t tell the viewers, or the contestants, is that after filming is done they kick everyone off the van and bus and leave you where they were shooting. Me and the other contestants spent four days wandering around Joshua Tree. Unfortunately, we had to eat Skyler before we were eventually able to get a cab to get back.”

“I was convinced my killer frosted tips would never go out of style, so I put my money towards having them permanently etched into my hair with lasers. No regrets.”







“So, after taxes and fees, I think I only actually went home with $12 bucks and most of that had to go to my agent for getting me cast on the show in the first place.”





“The filming ended up lasting so long that my day pass at the MTV lot expired. So basically I’ve just been living here “The Terminal” style and using my “Next” money at the vending machines.”





“I bought another auditing session and was finally able to advance up the Bridge to Clear.”




“Turns out I had a bench warrant out for unpaid child support, so probably that.”