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True Crime Podcast Solves Case of How Listeners Can Get 20 Percent off of First Blue Apron Order

PITTSBURGH — The investigative true crime podcast She’s Not There has finally solved the mystery of how listeners can save 20 percent on their first order from Blue Apron after 170 episodes and many in-show advertisements, multiple sources confirmed.

“The show was originally conceived as an in-depth exploration of the unsolved murder of April Maddox, an aspiring actress from small-town Pennsylvania. That was way back before we had any sponsors,” explained Louise Barnes, who hosts She’s Not There with co-host Matt Garcia.

“We’ve gone deep on stuff like April’s alleged affairs with married men, her father’s rumored mafia connection… even the possibility of a police cover-up,” said Garcia from his home recording studio. “So far, we’ve found no solid leads and the case remains as cold as ever, but at least we know we’re letting our audience in on some great deals.”

However, the show does have some critics — including Roy Colburn, a Pittsburgh-based private investigator who worked with the victim’s family.

“They’re dicking around with dead-end leads and interviewing bored yokels who pass the time repeating stupid rumors. If some hooplehead said April Maddox was offed by an Amish contract killer, they’d go to Lancaster County and dig into it,” said Colburn. “I guess the ad revenue must make it worthwhile for them to crap out as many episodes as they can. I used the discount code myself, and I wasn’t disappointed.”

One popular episode, dedicated to a description of the crime scene, was underscored by foreboding atmospheric music, with Barnes and Garcia recounting the hasty dismemberment and “expressionistic blood splatter.”

“That made for a really graceful segue into Matt’s testimonial about the panko-breaded chicken thighs with raspberry-chipotle drizzle he made for his girlfriend, which she absolutely adored,” said Madhu Mangiani, a Blue Apron representative. “We also have vegetarian and vegan options to meet any dietary needs.”

Meanwhile, Barnes remains optimistic about the podcast and its effect on the case.

“I still believe we’ll uncover the truth — though, somehow, I feel we’ve got a lot more episodes left to do before we get there,” Barnes said. ”One thing I do know for sure: if you want to cook great meals at home, you should head to Blue Apron and use the code ‘NotThere20’ at checkout.”