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Sony Releases 48 Disc ‘Now That’s What I Call Podcasts! Volume 1’

NEW YORK — Sony Music announced today a revival of their iconic “Now That’s What I Call…” compilation series, with the focus shifted from hit music singles to popular episodes of podcasts released over the last decade.

“Let’s face it, no one is buying music anymore,” said Scott Carter, Senior Vice President of Sony Music. “So it’s high time this series adapted to give the people what they want: a curated selection of the best and most popular podcasts, released and packaged in a new and exciting medium!”

The 48 disc collection, which will also be made available in an 86 tape cassette edition, will include benchmark moments in podcasts — ranging from Gallagher storming out of a WTF taping, to the entire first season of Serial.

The compilation will reportedly also be available through the recently relaunched Columbia House Record Club.

“This collection has everything!” said a headphones-wearing teenager in a new television commercial, as titles of various podcasts scrolled over the footage. “Finally, all of my favorite long-form internet broadcasts are available in one single collection! Radiolab, Stuff You Should Know, This American Life, and so many more!”

A limited edition collector’s set will feature six additional discs of seminal podcasters reading advertising copy.

“This is especially perfect for people who love Bill Burr’s ‘Ziprecruiter’ reads — you can relive those, over and over, for a small, additional fee,” said Sony marketing director Joanne Harrison. “Audible, Blue Apron, and Leesa are just a few of the popular ad reads you can enjoy with your family on a long road trip… or, you can constantly fast-forward the CD, and it will be like you’re listening to an actual podcast.”

The basic Now That’s What I Call Podcasts! Volume One is available in a standalone set for $49.95, while the more expensive, special edition version comes bundled in a collectible 48 sleeve CD wallet.

“This is merely the first adaptation of popular music compilations we plan for podcasts,” said Carter. “Expect the debut of Kidz Pod for the holiday season — this multi-disc set will feature select episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, recreated entirely by six-year-old children.”

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