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Phantom Planet Hoping That a New Show Needs a Theme Song About California

LOS ANGELES — Rock band Phantom Planet expressed their frustration with the lack of television shows in development that will need a theme song about California, anxious sources close to the group confirmed.

“California is the most populous state in the country,” said lead singer Alex Greenwald. “The chances a show would take place there are pretty high! We have a history of songs about California being used as TV themes, and it would be stupid for the networks to not consider us. Phantom Planet is the perfect soundtrack for long sweeping shots of the coastline and people driving in convertibles. My journal is full of ideas for songs: ‘Whole Lotta Vineyards,’ ‘California Part 2: The Goldenest State,’ and of course my favorite, ‘Traffic on the PCH Blues.’”

Past and more famous members of the band are also excited about the prospect of Phantom Planet’s return to the lucrative world of television theme songs years after their song “California” was the popular theme to Fox show “The OC.”

“I think it would be amazing,” said former drummer and actor Jason Schwartzman. “I don’t even like acting. I only started doing it as a side thing until the band was ready to go on the road or whatever again. I’ve done enough Wes Anderson movies for a lifetime. If I get the chance to jump back in the studio with the boys to lay down some Cali-centric TV theme tracks, I’m there, man! Hearing my song played on a TV show each week was the highlight of my career. I’m ready and willing to get back on the horse.”

While the eager band waits for any word from the TV industry, executives are put off by the band’s insistence.

“We get calls from those guys about two or three times a week,” said Fox executive Darren Frye. “They keep trying to play songs over the phone, constantly asking if ‘this is anything that could fit anywhere.’ We’re thinking of setting all our California productions in Rhode Island instead just to get them off our backs. At least there aren’t any annoying bands from Rhode Island bothering us about theme songs. Not yet, anyway.”

At press time, members of Explosions in the Sky were desperately pitching NBC executives a show about a high school football team whose most dramatic moments were set to a soundtrack provided by the band.