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Man Sees Ex-Hoodie at Show

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Local hardcore kid Pete Sheehan was overcome with emotions at a show yesterday after running into his ex-hoodie of two months, sources close to jilted wearer confirmed.

“I like to go to shows to sort of take my mind off of things… but when I saw my ex-girlfriend wearing my hoodie, I couldn’t focus on anything else,” said Sheehan while scrolling through old photos of him wearing the hoodie. “It was just right there in front of me — but keeping another person warm, like it always did for me in the past.”

Sheehan was totally unprepared for the rush of emotions in seeing the hoodie for the first time since their split.

“I mean, I didn’t think it would be easy: we spent years together. But I’m not a kid anymore. I thought I was ready… I just couldn’t keep it together,” said Sheehan. “I texted my friends to see if I should go touch it — or maybe even try it on — but they all said it was best to let it go.”

Sara Coughlin, a longtime friend of Sheehan, reiterated what a harrowing afternoon it was.

“Between the 8th and 9th bands, I saw Pete’s hoodie. I could tell, though, he hadn’t seen it yet,” said Coughlin. “At first, I just didn’t want to tell him that the hoodie was there because it would ruin his night. He loved that hoodie, and I feel like it hadn’t been long enough for him to process it all.”

Sheehan admitted that, even before running into the hoodie, he’d been struggling to move on.

“I miss the way it zips up and kind of hugs my chest,” said an emotional Sheehan. “And while I’ve had a bunch of hoodies in my day, that one always looked fresh and new — the colors didn’t fade, and the elastic at the bottom was just long enough to rest around my belt. If I’m being honest, after it left, I hoped I’d never see that hoodie again.”

Ultimately, Sheehan didn’t interact with the hoodie, hoping that keeping his distance would help him attain some closure.

“If I went over there, I’d want the hoodie back… I mean, I want it back right now,” Sheehan said. “But I think I need to get my shit together and move on. Besides, Mindforce is playing here in a couple weeks. Maybe I’ll find a new hoodie I really like there.”

Photo by Nicole Kibert.

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