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Guitarist Really Hoping to Get Cool New Profile Pic out of Tonight’s Show

BOSTON — Raw Sex guitarist Steve Dyer hopes to land a “fucking awesome” photo of him playing at a show later tonight to potentially serve as his new Facebook profile pic, excited sources confirmed.

“As long as the photographer does their job, I’m guaranteed at least a few options for Facebook,” said the 31-year-old Dyer. “Girls dig guitarists, and a shot of me just rocking out will be a great representation of my charismatic nature.”

Other members of Raw Sex are reportedly happy for their friend and bandmate — if not as overwhelmingly enthusiastic for the opportunity.

“He started playing music last year. This is his third show ever, and the first where photos will be taken,” said drummer Brandon Vallee. “I have, like, eight or nine really cool profile pics of me drumming that I can hang my hat on… and some are in venues that look kind of big from the angle they were shot. He doesn’t have anything like that, so we’re really excited for him.”

Facebook analytics director Erin Stansberry noted the average Facebook profile pic can garner upward of 20-40 reactions, depending on variables like friend count and time-of-day posted, but offered additional optimism for Dyer.

“Once you get past the limits of Facebook’s algorithms, it will have a lot to do with angle and venue size,” she explained. “He’s going to want to create the illusion that the band is more important than it is, so he and the photographer should discuss a game plan before a single shot is taken to achieve the maximum amount of likes possible.”

Dyer acknowledged he is at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithms, but remained hopeful.

“I got a haircut for this and slapped on a fresh pack of Ernie Ball power slinkys,” he admitted. “I don’t wanna get cocky, but… yeah, I think I’m looking at between 70 and 90 likes by this time tomorrow.”

When reached for comment, local photographer Litza Hurley, well-known for snapping live photos that would go on to serve as Facebook pics for countless Boston scenesters, responded, “That is not why I do this.” She declined to comment further.

Photo By Matt Gill @matthewphilipgill.